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Welcome to The Green Creator, I’m thrilled that you’re taking the time to visit so thank you! The Green Creator is me, a self proclaimed green smoothie connoisseur, food lover, Fitbit lover, world traveler and photography freak. I’m also a nutritional coach and I love natural beauty products and all things healthy living! 



 I started The Green Creator to share my passion about nutrition, a plant based diet and the power of food after years of struggling with health issues myself. I felt the need to share my experience and be a recourse for my clients as well.

The Green Creator has surpassed my dreams and became much more than a writing platform. I’m part of a thriving community of health “foodies” who are supporting the plant based content I share and living the whole foods lifestyle- no matter what “diet” you’re following. I’m grateful everyday that I can inspire all of you out there. My calling is to inspire you with my nourishing recipes to show you that healthy eating can be really fun, easy and delicious. The Green Creator also became a platform for many other services, such as presentations and lectures.

My health journey

I wasn’t always this healthy, in fact for the most part of my life I had quite a torturous relationship with food and my health. I believe for me personally a whole food plant-based diet is what is working for my body. I have been living and eating like this for quit some years now and I love it. It helped me to overcome many health issues. My main one being my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) starting at the age of only 10 (!) and my tiredness due to Thalassemia (Beta) Minor. Not to mention the migraines, skin problems, dehydration, chronic bladder infections, anemia, Epstein-Barr virus, no energy, dull hair, severe hormonal problems and depression. I have had many sick days in (high) school and was bedridden for one year during high school. I slept a lot and found it hard to concentrate or even sit through a movie. My life became a cycle of dieting and overeating all to become healthier and lose weight – not much fun at all.


Sounds serious, right? It’s not as serious as it may sound. Specifically, in my case this means being a bit more tired and pale. Thalassemia means my blood (hemoglobin) does not produce enough beta protein. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying component of the red blood cells. It consists of two different proteins, an alpha and a beta. If the body doesn’t produce enough of either of these two proteins, the red blood cells do not form properly and cannot carry sufficient oxygen. The result is anemia that begins in early childhood and lasts throughout life (thalassemia is inherited and is not contagious). The form I have is never accompanied with health problems other than a mild anemia. As in mild alpha thalassemia, doctors often mistake the small red blood cells of the person as a sign of iron-deficiency anemia and incorrectly prescribe iron supplements. Or in my case recommend me to eat lots of meat, such as liver. And so I did for many years in my life. And I have never felt good throughout the years, especially in my twenties being a student where I should have enjoyed life I was often bed ridden. I decided to accept that this is my body and my life and there is nothing I or the doctors could do about it.

Until I became interested in nutrition and health …

I started to develop an interest in health and nutrition after graduating from university. I was working as a lawyer, but found out that my passion was in nutrition. It was then that I couldn’t stop reading books on nutrition and health and soon it clicked in. I educated myself more and more on topics such as holistic health, nutrition and natural healing.

Overnight I took up a whole food plant-based diet and gave up all meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, anything processed and all chemicals and additives. This was pretty big for me. I was a sugar addict and ate more than an entire chocolate bar per day.

I never ate fruits because I thought they would make me fat and vegetables were just too creepy. I was a sugar monster!

I understand how daunting the idea of changing your diet so radically can be, but it’s the best thing I have ever done. I’m now giving my body the love and health that it needs. I feel and look much better and my food is nowadays so tasty. I changed my diet and became a different person. It took some time to adjust and give up my severe sugar addiction, but I can live now. It was a radical shift in the way I felt.

I no longer feel bloated or have pain, my taste buds bloomed, my skin began to clear up, calorie counting went out the window and I beamed from ear to ear, my digestion issues resolved, my hair grew longer and stronger, the acne breakouts started to clear, I had immense energy, I could work out and best of all my migraine headaches and IBS disappeared.

It is amazing to see what happens when you give your body what it really desires; it is the most empowering feeling. In a nutshell, feeding my body with the right foods helped heal my gut and absorb all those needed nutrients.

Many people that visited a lecture told me I speak very passionate about health, but a lot is just pure frustration on how little we are being educated on what food can do to and for our bodies. Doctors simply treat symptoms, but rarely address the root of the health problem(s) or show us the impact of what food can have. I want to change this with The Green Creator. Knowledge is all.

What you put in your body and how serious you take your own health is your responsibility. My energy to this day is impacted by the food I consume– like all of us– and the best lifestyle for me is one that is abundant in fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and seed which I share here on The Green Creator. We truly are what we eat, and going back to basics with whole foods is where it’s at! I hope that through sharing my whole food recipes, nutrition- and lifestyle advice and meeting some of you through my nutrition coaching programs or lectures,  you can experience a shift in your health as well.

More than anything I want to show you how easy and delicious healthy food is. It’s so much more than boring salads and carrots! It’s all about sweet desserts, delicious dips, raw snacks and bowls with the colors of the rainbow of incredible veggies, all made with nature’s most natural ingredients. Everything plant based will nurture and love your body. Eating should not be about deprivation and starvation, but instead it’s about embracing a positive, healthy way of life! Take a look at my food philosophy for more on all the benefits of this lifestyle.


What do I eat?
I eat a vegan plant based diet. I love good fats, beans and eat good carbs as much as I need. I love eating whole foods such as fruits and vegetables in their natural state. My diet is free of any meat, dairy or processed sugar. I believe a healthy body includes as well a healthy mind. I love to move my body, to soak up the sun, to laugh, to pray (meditate) and to be grateful. My life revolves around (self) love. This and more contribute to a full spectrum of health and happiness.

I would like to adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle, but it’s just too radical. What can I do?
I eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and free of processed food because it changed my life and others as well. I hope you understand now why they say: it’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I believe eating vegan is the best. That being said, I know there are many people that find a fully vegan or raw lifestyle too much or too overwhelming. Remember that even little changes will do a lot of good. Changing your morning meat sandwich for a smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal can be a big benefit to your health to start with.

We don’t have to all eat plant-based , but we can eat more veggies at least once a day.

Don’t you ever find it annoying to eat healthy all the time?
No! Create and find an environment that makes eating healthy fun. Experiment with food so you can eat delicious food every day. How could I myself ever get bored of it? Healthy foods gave me back my life. I can jog, whereas as a teenager I couldn’t even run back and fort in the gym, I’m no longer taking any medicine, I can eat delicious food and I never have to count calories. It’s not a chore to eat like this, it’s my passion.

I started eating vegan, but I still don’t feel a change in my body. What am I doing wrong?
Some people still don’t feel as good as they hoped while eating vegan or raw. How can that be? Well, the answer is simple and I call it the ‘’vegan health trap’’. A vegan cookie is still a cookie. In other words, just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy. So when something is vegan or raw, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Raw junk food can be full of salts and fats that are not so healthy. And vegan junk food can be overloaded with sugar. Yes, you can indulge in vegan ice-creams as I show on The Green Creator, but the focus of a diet are whole foods fruits and vegetables.

By just taking out meat and dairy it doesn’t mean you are ‘’done’’ and healthy. Ethical it is a great step, but health wise, it can still include fried food, processed food and sugary food. That is wonderful and I fully support the vegan and raw products that we are offered more and more. However, this is not always healthy for your body. Eating vegan microwave meals every day will not make you feel more healthy. Plenty of whole unprocessed food is healthy.

I hope this helped a bit however if you need advice, please email me at

Have a lovely day!