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  • I won a food blog award

    I won a Food Blog Award!

    As I write this I realize how I underestimate you, my dear readers. As a blogger, recipe developer, photographer and researcher of health facts my days can be lonely. Don’t get…

  • How to REALLY Stop a Sugar Addiction

    How to REALLY Stop a Sugar Addiction

    A sugar addiction is an extremely difficult addiction to overcome. I know how extremely unhealthy and tiring a sugar addiction is and I can say without any exaggeration that it ruined…

  • Vegan Warsaw in 4 minutes

    Vegan Warsaw in 4 minutes

    Vegan Warsaw is booming. Let me take you through this amazing city and have a taste of the delicious vegan food and great ambiance. For more Warsaw tips and details of…

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    Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake

    This healthy plant based gluten- and sugar free chocolate mug cake is the easiest cake you will ever make. Within just a few minutes you will have the most delicious moist…

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    Easy Green Peas Salad

    A perfect easy salad with flavors that combine so beautifully. This salad is easy to take for lunch on the go and done in minutes.…

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    I hope you will enjoy watching this video. If you want to know all the healthy things I learned in Thailand please head over to The Green Creator.…

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    Two secrets to perfect hummus

    There’s nothing worse than a hummus that turns out to be just blended mashed chickpeas. Yuk! I didn’t know there were secrets to the perfect hummus. These two secrets will turn…