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Holiday gift guide for health foodies

Holiday gift guide for health foodies

Last year, I created a Christmas gift guide for you and hopefully it helped you with your holiday shopping. This year I have a huge list for you with more variety and with more price variety as well. Get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this new holiday gift guide for health foodies!

  1. Coconut Oil Makeup Wipes. A perfect gift for a female foodie who likes to keep her beauty regime ”au naturel”.
  2. The Fitbit Charge 2 is perfect for the fit foodies. I love it! Why? Read more about it here.
  3. Male or female always can use a good lip balm during these colder days. And this tool will give your beauty regime such a boost!
  4. What about an exclusive tea that comes in a gorgeous box?
  5. Foodies need good tools, right? This one would make me a happy girl.
  6. Speaking of equipment…..
  7. And of course a foodie needs to make a picture on a piece of marble.
  8. Books are always a good idea.
  9. This food processor does a good job for its price.
  10. iPhone covers are always a fun gift! Rose gold or pineapples? I can’t choose.
  11. Foodies cook/bake/blend/juice better with good music playing.
  12. Cheap food photography props.
  13. I’m always happy with a fun big mug.
  14. A beautiful Italian white serving plate makes every dish look good.
  15. And if all fails….there is always the best gift ever: vegan chocolate.

Dutchies, don’t forget to check out this website. You can find there anything a foodie needs!

Holiday gift guide for health foodies


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