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How to make a filling salad (with recipe)

How to make a filling salad (with recipe)

Very often people would ask me how a simple salad could be filling. They would feel hungry only an hour later. If that is the case, you’re doing something wrong.

A salad doesn’t mean you’re just throwing in a bunch of greens in a bowl with some olive oil. It takes more to make a healthy filling salad.

Basically, there are some steps or rather layers you could follow to make sure your salad is both healthy and filling.

–       First, choose your lettuce. This can be anything from romaine to spinach or arugula.

–       Next you will need to add a protein. For non-vegans, this would be (grilled) chicken or cooked eggs. For vegans, beans, lentils or quinoa are great to add. These are obviously just a few examples.

–       Next, choose a vegetable you like such as cucumber, tomato (although both are scientifically speaking a fruit.), peppers, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, onion or corn.

–       Time for a bonus! Add some nuts, seeds or olives. Even fruit if your digestion can handle the combination.

–       And of course, finish with a dressing (preferably with a healthy fat). Olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar or tahini are always good basic dressings where you can’t go wrong.

Pretty easy, right?

Filling Corn Salad

Now let’s go overboard. You are really hungry and need a filling meal. You had a lot of green (smoothies) during the day, so let’s make a corn salad without the greens.

Of course this salad would be super tasty with arugula, but I just want to show how easy it can be to make a filling salad.

For a big bowl of this fresh and crispy corn salad you will need.

–       200 grams of organic corn or a cup of quinoa, buckwheat or lentils

–       a red bell pepper

–       parsley, as much as you like

–       ½ avocado

–       ½ onion

–       two teaspoons of capers

–       two tomatoes

–       ½ cucumber

–       three teaspoons of sunflower seeds

–       a teaspoon of olive oil

–       a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

–       a pinch of Celtic sea salt

How to make a filling salad (with recipe)

Mix in a bowl and the salad is ready. This corn salad is crispy, fresh and very easy for when you are on the go.

How do you make sure your salad is filling?


photos by the green creator (c) (copyright)

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