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Clean Meals Renee

Some women seem to get only prettier as they age. Such is the case with Renée Vervoorn. On her Facebook page she is posting amazing sneak peaks of her hard workouts. The 39-year-old mother of two is married to Guy van der Reijden and together with her husband they own Clean Meals. If you’re Dutch you probably know her from various television programs she has presented in the past. She also worked as a model and she even was a singer in a group. What drives Renée to work out and to create Clean Meals? I was very curious so spoke with her about her life, routine and Clean Meals. 

Why did you and your husband founded Clean Meals?
Clean Meals arose from the needs of the clients in the Personal Training studio of my husband 3SIXTY5 Personal Training.

Guy noticed that many of his clients achieved tremendous results by workong out success, but they often had a hard time eating well. For the average busy man / woman nowadays it’s difficult to cook a clean meal. They don’t always have the time nor the knowledge to o so.  not always feel that the time / knowledge to cook healthy.

After a long day at work most of us are hungry and just want a quick meal. Those quick meals are often not very healthy for us. 

It was time for a change and so the idea for Clean Meals was born. Clean Meals are super healthy, ready-made meals in optimum composition, which can be delivered at home or at work. Due to the unique manufacturing process, the meals will stay good for quite some time in the fridge, thus it’s possible for everyone to eat healthy without spending time on it.

The proteins in the Clean Meals meals often consist of meat and fish, but there are no additives, preservatives, sugars and other unhealthy additives in the meals. So they are 100% clean and moreover freshly prepared.

Clean Meals Renee

Due to the unique way of cooking (sous vide, or: vacuum cooked) the good nutrients are not lost and meals can be kept in the fridge for about two weeks.

How does an average day look like for you?

Busy. In the morning, it’s prime-time at our home. I start the day with a green tea and an espresso or two. My daughter should be at school on time and that’s a challenge every day. Our girl of almost two years old regularly goes to daycare and therefore should be ready as well. Guy begins his days often early (sometimes at 7.00 am!) so when he’s gone, I’ll have some time to myself around 9 am. Oh, Teddy, our dog, is also walked in the meantime ….

Then it’s time to get started. The Clean Meals office is in Amsterdam, so I usually drive to the office (sometimes I exercise before work, sometimes after, sometimes not ….

Regularly I will have a press or media event in the afternoon or evening. I´m a huge socializer and I’m the happiest when I see and talk to my friends and acquaintances. I’m genuinely interested in what they are doing, both career-wise and personally.

I believe strongly in investing in people and the positive energy resulting from that.

How would you describe your diet?

I eat fairly clean. I can’t handle greasy food very well because of my irritable bowel (IBS), so it’s like a second nature for me to cook healthy food. I also feel a lot better when I regularly eat the good stuff. Vegetables, meat or fish, sometimes complex carbohydrates, low fat cottage cheese, nuts, avocados and so on.

Sometimes I will bake a banana bread or nut bread with almond flour and I use my slowjuicer as often as I can.

But hey, I’m only human, so sometimes I crave a white bread sandwich with cheese. In such cases I allow myself to have that. Delicious! Sometimes I’m having fries food with a cheese souffle and a milkshake. For an Indian Cuisine with a Thai curry or spaghetti vongole you can easily wake me up at night. The 80/20 rule it is.

What I don’t do is diet. I can’t and I won’t. I prefer to daily take care of myself and not to fall into extremes. That works best for me.

You are a gorgeous mum. How do you do that?

Thank you! I think that I’m in a very happy phase in my life right now, with a good balance between work, family and social life. 

I also take good care of myself: I make time to exercise regularly, I meditate, practise yoga, make time to see my friends and to have quality time with my husband.

I’m convinced that our healthy lifestyle also translates into a healthy appearance. That and being happy …

Did you always work out and eat healthy?
I’ve always eaten healthy with the knowledge I had back then. For over 10 year I’m suffering from my IBS and so for years I always made sure that I for example don’t eat too greasy food. However, with the knowledge Guy has about nutrition and exercise, I’ve become much more aware about food. The good thing is that Guy always says that a diet should be doable to work. Food is also a fun, enjoyable occasion and it should be enjoyed without guilt.
I’m not the type that is counting calories at the end of the day and on that basis decides whether or not I can have a snack in the evening.. … I eat consciously and in moderation, but I’m always enjoying all the good, healthy and tasty food that is available.

Could you tell us something about your sports routine?

My sports routine can be different every week. When I have a lot of time, I will train two times per week at 3SIXTY5 PT. I enjoy that the most. Searching for my boundaries with super experienced trainers who know exactly my personal goals, I love it.Ideally I practise hot yoga ones per week and in any case I will join ones per week a powerful pilates class at Margherita Bencini. She rules. Sometimes I run 5k in the Amsterdam forest with my dog Teddy. Very nice, but like I said, normally I train three times a week, especially now I‘m very busy with Clean Meals.

Which products do you eat every day?

I have lunch (almost) always with a Clean Meal. I start the day with a some  fiber, such as an oatmeal porridge (with fruits and nuts), I drink plenty of water (sometimes with ginger and lemon) and each evening (no exception) I eat a piece of dark chocolate. And yes, I will have a small can of diet coke a day.

Our view is that you should eat several times a day (preferably six times) so your blood sugar does not drop unnecessary and you avoid  the need to snack. Therefore, I will have an early hearty breakfast and a snack around 10 am ( salad or fruit).

I love avocados, so every opportunity I have to add one to my meal, I eagerly use 😉

Can you share some insider tips with us?

  • Eat regularly to avoid the well-known snack cravings.
  • Eat before you’re really hungry, so you will only eat what you need at that moment.
  • Eat as clean as possible and avoid refined sugars and sauces with unnecessary E-numbers and flavor enhancers.
  • Exercise regularly. It gives you more energy!
  • And, groggy but true, ensure a good night of sleep. Recovery is part of the process. When you had a short night of sleep, try (even briefly) to. Just to recharge yourself.
  • Listen to your body and find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

What are your beauty secrets?

My eyebrows. I get my eyebrows done at Mrs. Highbrow (Amsterdam) and Roya Zare (Amsterdam). This is a must for me.

How do you stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy?

It’s my lifestyle: healthy eating, regular exercise, hard work and a lot of fun. That’s who I am. I don’t know any better. That’s me. I don’t have to motivate myself, I do it because it feels goof. But of course, there are moments when I‘m tired, hanging on the couch and I can hardly move. Sometimes I pep myself and sometimes I allow myself a day off. Both of them are in that case ok.

What would you recommend to readers who want to live healthier tomorrow?

Listen to your body and what works for you. Don’t follow blindly the hype or what others claim to be good.
For example, you hear a lot of people talk about the lowcarb diet, but if your body is just fine on a brown wholemeal bread with chicken and an avocado: do that.

Furthermore, I believe that nowadays you should really learn how to read the labels on products. You don’t want to stuff yourself with unnecessary and unhealthy flavor enhancers and E-numbers, right? Eat clean and you will notice that you’ll feel better.

What would you advise your 10 years younger self?

Everything will be fine. Always. If it’s not right, then you’re not where you should be. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes not, but ultimately it well. Trust me.


You can follow Renée on Instagram and Facebook and Clean Meals on Instagram en Facebook

Clean Meals Renee


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