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  • 5 Natural Beauty Products Under $10
    Beauty Blog

    5 Natural Beauty Products Under $10

    If you think that natural beauty and skin care products are difficult to find or expensive, this article is for you. For years I thought the same. And did you know that…

  • Why is MSM powder a beauty mineral?
    Advice Blog

    Why is MSM my beauty mineral?

    It sounds like something chemical (that’s what my first thought was when I heard of it): MSM powder. But I was very wrong. MSM is an healthy all natural product and…

  • best natural Deodorants
    Advice Beauty Blog

    The best natural Deodorants

    As a lover of beauty products myself I found it hard to give up some of my beauty- and skin care habits when I turned to a more natural skincare regime.…

  • turmeric mask

    Turmeric mask

    As you know I use turmeric for almost everything. Like coconut oil, I also have a little jar of turmeric in my bathroom. In Indonesia, it’s not strange to use turmeric…

  • DIY dry shampoo

    DIY How to make your own Dry Shampoo

    Dry shampoos are hugely popular in particular because dry shampoo give the hair structure so it’s easier to style. In my case it means that my hair will have much more…

  • lip scrub
    Beauty Blog

    DIY Lip Scrub

    If you think you might not be in need of a DIY lip scrub, you should read this article. Whether it’s chilly outside or you work in an air conditioned environment,…