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  • Loving Lately #3
    Advice Blog

    6 Foods I Eat Every Day

    Over the years I noticed I developed a love for certain type of foods. Every week I fill up my kitchen with amazing foods and a few are always on my…

  • selenium
    Advice Blog

    Why selenium is important

    I remember exactly why I wanted to know more about selenium. A teacher at a raw food training once said he always carries five Brazil nuts with him to protect himself…

  • super snack balls
    Recipes Snacks & Sweet

    Super Snack Bites

    Bliss balls, energy balls, energy bites…we all know them by now. The last weeks have been crazy and I needed all the energy and bliss balls of the world. Big changes, …

  • Recipes Snacks & Sweet

    Low fat raw cake

    Raw cakes are everywhere nowadays. They’ve become popular since they are healthy. I would say they are healthier than the average cake, but they are full with natural fats (too many…