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Why Sunflower Seeds are healthy


A nice shift I noticed in the world of superfoods, is the focus on more natural raw superfoods. In their natural state, not dried. You probably noticed this with foods such as kale, cinnamon and turmeric, but also the beetroot is becoming more and more popular . Fortunately, there are plenty of other great superfoods as well. One that I eat every day is the old fashioned sunflower seed. Just a little handful a day or a few tablespoons in my salads.

I’m actually surprised that the sunflowers seed is not more often mentioned as a superfood. Because I believe it is. It’s a true beauty food, but great in protecting and feeding the body as well.

Why are sunflower seeds healthy?

These seeds are not only an excellent source of good fats, they are also a very good plantbased source of zinc. If you feel sick, zinc is one of the first deficiencies you should think of.
If we do not get enough zinc in our diets, you could suffer from:

  • acne
  • hair loss
  • rash
  • fertility problems / sexual problems
  • poor eyesight

In a nutshell, zinc is necessary for a beautiful skin and hair, a healthy body, good cell growth and proper sexual development. Zinc helps to keep your blood sugar levels in balance as well. 

Zinc can assist the skin in order to maintain a good production of collagen. Zinc will help to rebuild new collagen and zinc can even help repair DNA damage caused by sunlight exposure.

Since zinc plays a role on a cellular level, they can prevent cancer. However, these seeds are also full with selenium. Selenium is one of the biggest enemies of cancer. Taking selenium supplements can prevent your risk of developing cancer by 50% (or more). Most people in Europe will probably not have enough selenium in their food since the ground in countries don’t have (enough) selenium. Imported sunflower seeds may compensate this deficiency. So some extra help is always a good idea. Don’t overdo it though. A handful a day might already keep the creepy doctors in the future away.

Besides selenium and zinc, sunflowers seeds also contain magnesium, vitamin E and copper. Good for a good night sleep, your bones and staying calm.

You probably already know that inflammation is the root to all diseases. Well these seeds are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants will help to limit the damage to your cells, which will result in a protection against diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

What else?
They will lower your risk of a heart attack and are also a good source of protein without the fat as may be found in meat. Also potassium is found in sunflower seeds.

Not your average seed, right?

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