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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

This blog post is sponsored by iHerb. Are you ready for this hot off the press collection of 2018 holiday gifts?


links in this post are affiliate links to products I love

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

There are three clues Christmas is really coming. 1) Netflix tells me to watch all the Christmas movies…again 2) it’s snowing cookies and Bundt cakes on Instagram and 3) the holiday gift guides are back! This year I created a gift guide any (vegan) foodie could wish for.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited for this time of the year because I get to shop for you! My yearly gift guide is such a pleasure to make, but I realized that not everyone loves to shop (for others). So keeping that in mind I thought the best way to solve this is to shop all your gifts in one location. Guess where I can get a basket filled with holiday gifts every foodie will love? iHerb. All shopping for this holiday season can be done from the comfort of your own home with a hot cup of chocolate.

This holiday gift guide covers all my needs as a vegan foodie. Whether I crave something warm to drink, when I crave chocolate, a savory snack or something sweet, it’s all here. I personally have tried or have successfully gifted many of the products in this gift guide, and I can vouch that they all make great gifts. This gift guide is the most complete though,  so customize it to your budget. Oh and at the end of this post there will be a discount link. Just sayin’.

Let me tell you about iHerb

You may have noticed that I’m a fan of iHerb. But why should you shop your holiday gifts at iHerb too?

The most important reason is that iHerb offers an amazing range of products. It comes as no surprise that iHerb is a global leader in bringing the best overall value in natural products to their customers all over the world. And iHerb wants only the best for you so they offer a triple guarantee to ensure you are 100% satisfied. This means that iHerb guarantees that you will receive the best overall value in the world for over 30,000 brand name natural products. This also means that there is a guaranteed delivery. iHerb provides free or discounted shipping to over 150 countries around the world.

As a California based superstore it’s also worth mentioning that iHerb guarantees that all products are authentic brands sold in the U.S. market. They are committed to providing quality assurance for their products and ship directly from their climate controlled warehouses.

That’s all well and good for those located in the U.S. but what about the rest of the world? No worries, I’m myself located in Europe and always receive my iHerb order within days after ordering. You can read more about the shipping countries and methods here. I find their shipping extremely fast and very well priced.

Ok, enough about iHerb and let’s dive into this year’s holiday gift guide.

For the health nut

A holiday gift for a health nut can’t be complete without a warm medicinal drink. You can read here more about the power of mushrooms in hot medicinal drinks. Ever since I started using this, I got completely hooked. For this guide I went for the Sun Potion version of He Shou Wu since it’s the most popular. You have to be quick though, because this one is often sold out. It’s apparently great for longevity, sexual health, and known as a beauty tonic.

For on-the-go or as a ready to drink version I can highly recommend the mushroom product line by Four Sigmatic. I take a sachet with me when I’m traveling, so the only thing I’ll need is hot water. In this guide I added my favorite with reishi, cacao, cardamom and cinnamon.

As a health nut you must have tried golden milks or turmeric lattes. So delicious! Organic turmeric powder makes a great base to make your own turmeric latte at home and a great gift during the colder months.

No holiday gift guide is complete without a good collection of teas. This organic tea mix offers a little bit of everything and makes a perfect gift for any tea lover.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

For the chocoholic

I have never met a foodie who doesn’t like chocolate, have you? For any type of (vegan) chocolate you are at the right place at iHerb. You can filter and search for whatever you like. I picked out my recent favorites. These chocolate bars (Crunchy Caramel, 85% Cacao / Midnight Coconut 100% CacaoSignature Dark, 72% Cacao)  are made with 100% organic fair trade chocolate, they are vegan and sugar free or sweetened with coconut sugar. And if that doesn’t make a die-hard chocoholic happy, there is only one remedy: add more chocolate. The chocolate spreads by Rawmio are out of this world good. With only the best ingredients they have taken the ultimate comfort food: chocolate chip cookie dough, and turned it into the most amazing spread imaginable. Raw chocolate chips are immersed in a silky blend of stone ground raw almonds, coconut sugar, vanilla bean, and maca powder. They also have a classic hazelnut version. Yum!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Voor de snacker

I’m personally (at the moment) not a typical sweet or savory snacker: I love both! iHerb offers such a delicious range of snacks. I can shop for hours looking at new snack arrivals, but I picked out the most delicious and interesting snacks. I mean, how awesome is it to gift jerky that is crueltyfree and taste amazing? Cocoburg is the first to offer vegan, paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, superfood jerky. They are made with dehydrated young coconut meat, coconut aminos, (coconut, sun-dried sea salt), garlic, black pepper, and onion. I can also highly recommend the Ginger Teriyaki version.

Have you ever tried cauliflower crackers? With a taste like cheese? But then vegan? I haven’t, until recently and I couldn’t stop eating! Gosh …these cauliflower mini crackers are so good and crunchy! My advice is to gift these as soon as possible because just like many of the above mentioned snacks, they will not last long if you keep them nearby.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Discount offer for iHerb customers

I also have a little gift for you! A discount on all of it! The only thing you have to do is to visit iHerb via this link. Via this link you will get a discount off your iHerb order and if you are a new customer you will get an additional $5 off your minimum $40 order!

I hope this 2018 holiday gift guide will take away some of the stress out of gift buying this year.  And I’ve got to say, if you haven’t noticed I’m pretty excited about them! 

Happy holidays, everyone. ♡

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

This article was written in collaboration with iHerb. Thank you for supporting brands like iHerb that are not only offering products that make me happy, but also help make The Green Creator possible. All text and opinions are 100% my own.


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