6 Foods I Eat Every Day

Over the years I noticed I developed a love for certain type of foods. Every week I fill up my kitchen with amazing foods and a few are always on my grocery list. So I thought it might be inspirational to share what these foods are. This is not a ”what I eat in a day” article, but a ”what I love to eat every day” or better said: 6 foods I eat every day. All of these foods I eat because it makes me feel great and I love the taste and the endless possibilities to incorporate these foods into my diet.

Eating certain (type) of foods every day is far from boring. Actually, it’s the opposite. It gives me a lot of freedom to experiment and my food has never been as tasty as when I transferred to a whole food plant-based diet. I’m a major food lover so if my food gets too boring or is not tasty, I won’t come back for more.

The food that I eat every day is the food I look forward to every day. Food that is in my opinion healthy. Food that loves me back. Food that makes me feel nourished, happy and energized.


I’m very much a fan of oatmeal for breakfast. This was not always the case. Before I used to be a huge buckwheat porridge fan, but slowly I moved to oats for breakfast. I think oats are very versatile and now I’m having them every day as a porridge. I also enjoy oats in a savory dish. When I don’t feel like having buckwheat or quinoa for example I love to add oats. It might feel weird to prepare savory oats since it’s labeled as a breakfast food, but it’s really delicious.

Beans & legumes

Whether it’s giant white beans, chickpeas, lentils, black beans or pinto beans I love to eat beans on a daily basis. I like to cook them from scratch and to soak them the night before (it’s my little evening ritual), but if I’m in a rush I skip the soaking or go for the ones in a glass jar. Beans are satiating, contain fibers, protein and are versatile. Think of dips, a stir-fry, salads, snacks, soups, pastas or as a side dish…. I have literally kilos of dried beans in my pantry and countless of beans in jars. I’m a true bean girl! As I always say: #beansaresexy


I love berries! I have them every morning as a snack, in my oat porridge, in a smoothie or both! Raspberries are the type of berries I truly have each and every day. Especially frozen raspberries in an  oat porridge are a true treat for me. The frozen version is a good way to make sure I always have some raspberries on hand.

Nuts & seeds

My first meal of the day is either an oat porridge or a smoothie, but in both I will add nuts and seeds. I love to add almonds in my oat porridge, but I also make sure to add some chia- or flaxseeds. They are a great way to boost my meal with some healthy fats and to make it a bit crispy.

Plant-based milk

Every day I will use a splash of any plant-based milk. I love to cook my oats in water but always add a splash of almond milk when I’m about to serve the oats. I also love my turmeric latte or my ”powerdrink” around 4.00 pm. This is basically a warm blend with reishi, cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric, ginger, cacao powder….I just mix in whatever I feel like having, but almond milk is always the base for this.


There is not one day without some greens. Most of my greens I will have raw in a simple salad or a green smoothie. My favorite is to make a simple salad that serves as a snack. With green leaves as the main ingredient it’s nourishing with healthy fibers, vitamins and minerals. My favorite greens are arugula and spinach.

This list is actually never really complete and of course I eat way more than this in a day. I also eat for example almost every day a little jar of pure organic tomato puree. At the moment I’m also eating a lot of kiwis, mango, zucchinis and sweet potato. And let’s not forget the amount of lemons that I use per week! Oh my, there is so much yummy food I love to eat every day. It’s hard to narrow it down, don’t you think?

Do you have certain type of foods that you (can) eat every single day? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comment section or on Instagram.

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