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7 tips to stop eating when you’re full


Do you keep eating even though you’re full? I received some emails with the question how to stop this frustrating urge to overeat. It is indeed very frustrating to know and feel you are full and still not be able to stop eating. No matter how healthy your diet is, overeating is not a healthy habit, so today I’m sharing with you my 7 tips to stop eating when you’re full.

You can be totally fine all day and resist unhealthy food, because you want to wait for your healthy meal at home. Once you are sitting at your meal, you can’t help to not only finish all the food on your plate (even though you are full), but also to crave for more after your meal. Or maybe you weren’t even hungry in the first place…. Does this sound familiar?

It’s very frustrating. It feels like you can’t control how much you eat no matter how hard you try. Now the good news, that’s not true. You can control how much you eat. It takes practice and awareness, but it’s possible.

There are many reasons we keep eating after feeling full or why we eat in the first place without even feeling hungry. The reason can be simple; we have lost the connection with our bodies. We just don’t listen to our bodies and keep listening to thoughts that are just moments. It may sound cheesy, but it’s about not loving your body enough to listen to it.

There can be two type of reasons for overeating, an emotional- and a physical reason


You’re hungry for something. You need something, not food. I personally was in need of (more) rest when I was younger and would eat when I was tired. Or sometimes I was bored. Overall, you could say something is missing in your life and you want to fill that gap with food. That can be a something or someone or even a sort of pain. Food is also often a way to distract ourselves from thoughts, pain or stressful moments. Uncomfortable moments are often covered up by eating, and food becomes your distraction/escape.

You are not your thoughts. Thoughts drift away like a cloud. Don’t pay attention to every thought.


You don’t eat enough during the day. Or maybe you have unbalanced blood sugar levels from eating irregular meals and/or processed food filled with sugars. Maybe you don’t eat enough satiating macro nutrients (such as fats and proteins) and once you start eating you can’t stop.

Last but not least, you don’t give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs so it keeps hungry. I broke this cycle by getting in enough nutrients every day (smoothies/juices) so my body stopped giving me signals for more food. Once the body has all it needs, the wild monkey in your head will stop craving all the foods in the world.

How can you stop this?

Make a smoothie or green juice every day for yourself first thing in the morning. When you start your day in such a powerful way, you will see that over time you will be able to stop when you’re full. Why? Your body gets all the nutrients for that day and will stop bugging you.

Start to fall back in love with yourself. Again, it may sound cheesy, but this is so true! I often see that unhappy people are the people that can not stop eating. My experience so far have proven this over and over again. You keep eating to cover up a feeling and before you know it, it’s a habit. So instead of starting a fight with the fridge, start with yourself. Invest in yourself so you create enough love and respect for your body. When you have respect for yourself, you are (way less) likely to overeat until it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Eat regular meals. Eat smaller and regular meals per day. This can be 6 small meals per day or less. Whatever works for you. A healthy snack between meals can balance your blood sugar levels and can prevent you from overeating. I personally don’t thrive well on waiting for dinner after having lunch at noon. My past as a sugar junkie thought me this valuable lesson. However, I do have periods where I don’t snack in between to give my body a digestive rest and heal itself. This can give me a great boost of energy, since my body doesn’t have to focus on digestion all the time. Because digestion takes a lot of energy from the body.

Deal with your emotions and old pain in your life. Keep a diary, a gratitude journal, start painting, talk with people about your problems or look for a workout that will release stress. It can take some time to figure out what works for you, but one thing I know for sure is that the answers to stress and emotions are not in the fridge.

Don’t avoid protein and good fats. Good plant based protein and fats are important. They will give you energy and will make you feel full. They are the best satiating macronutrients. Try to include them in every meal if you can. This is also great to help you get rid of your sugar addiction, since beans for example will help you feel satiated for a long time, it will balance your blood sugar levels, and are good for hormonal balance as well.

Focus on yourself. Sometimes the people around us distract us. How often did you end up having a dinner and you realize you ate so much more than you intended to? People influence us greatly. Be aware of that and try to focus on yourself.

Remember that food is abundant. You don’t have to eat all the food in one sitting. Your food is here to stay in the kitchen for you. Your food is not going anywhere. If you keep reminding yourself of that fact, it can help you calm down. This reminder helps a lot of people.

How do you deal with urges to overeat?


photos and text by the green creator (c) (copyright)

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