8 Healthy Things I Learned in Thailand

If you follow me on social media you know I have been in Thailand. I just returned and wish I was able to share with you the intense relax state I’m in right now. Unfortunately I can’t do that, but what I can do is share with you my experiences on the island Koh Samui and in Bangkok in this article.

While being in Thailand I was overwhelmed by how much I was learning all of the time. Although I visited Thailand in what they call ”monsoon season” (aka rain season), I experienced very little rain and if it would rain it would be only in the evening. I have seen so many beautiful bounty like beaches and so many green views I had to pinch myself more than once. Amazing!



Coconuts are awesome. You’re probably thinking: yes, Bianca we already all know that. But if we think about it, how often do recipes contain coconut? Not that often!  Coconuts are delicious and they offer many health benefits.

So I promised myself to use MUCH more coconut in my daily life. Not just the oil on my face, in my mouth, when I’m cooking or coconut water as a drink. No, I’m talking about adding coconut cream to soups or even some cooked carbs and cooking with coconut flesh and milk which is making food so good.

In case you didn’t know, coconut oil is the only healthy oil to cook with (all other oils, even olive oil) become highly toxic when you cook them.


Being friendly doesn’t cost a thing

The moment you step out of the plane in Bangkok, you will soon be greeted by the friendliest Thai smile even. Just to say hi. Together with a slight bow, you’ll immediately feel so good! Thai people are really friendly and it’s absolutely no wonder Thailand is referred to as the Land of Smiles. Now, I don’t believe Thai people are always in a good mood, but they do try to always greet you with a smile. For me this is a great metaphor to always look on the bright side. But also to change some one else’s day. A conversation will immediately flip to the more positive side if you just smile. Even if you’re about to ”complain” or get criticized, just answer with a friendly face. It changes your day and the day of others. Win win.

girls bangkok

Spicy Food

I want to learn to eat more spicy food. When I was much younger even a flake of pepper or a little piece of onion, would ruin my dish because it was too much too handle. Over the years I learned how to eat food that is more ”spicy”, but it seems I’m still not there yet. When I asked for a dish not too spicy my mouth was several times on fire after just one bite. I really thought I was the brave one, since I eat raw onions just like chocolate, but I still have a long way to go. Spicy food is versatile and so extremely healthy. My goal is to eat chillies without crying…

soup thailand

Quick Combining

One of the reasons I love cooking so much is because of the endless food combinations. So when I can make ”weird” food combinations and they taste great I feel like I just discovered a country. The Thai flavor combinations are so well-rounded and intuitive. I mixed salt and sweet already here, but the Thai take it a step further. They mix coconut milk, white rice with salt. Or mango with salt. It’s odd to me and it was too salty, but I will try and see what I can pick up from these dishes.
Their cooking methods are also relatively quick and simple, lots of boiling, quick sauteing, steaming, or high heat for stir-frying. I had a vegan cooking class and it was so much fun learning about Thai cooking methods and ingredients. Ingredients that aren’t familiar to me like taro, black sticky rice, galangal root, lotus root and thai chilis! I made a beautiful coconut milk based green curry with onion and fruits, and it was my favorite. Dessert was a black sticky rice with coconut cream and salt and a mango pudding…amazing!
thailand dessert
view koh samui

Being GRATEFUL is all

I love what I’m doing, but my work never stops and sometimes that is not really healthy. I spend all of my time and energy in The Green Creator, and actually hardly take any time ”offline”. I forgot just how important days off are. I have been very relaxed and happy lately. So I decided I will at least take one day off per week with limited emailing and social media, and will spend my time drinking tea, cooking, going for a walk, prayers and (paper!) books. I want to capture the immense gratefulness I felt when I was woken up every day by singing birds with a view over the sea.
Being intense grateful is happiness. I only had positive thoughts and I remember one evening right before sunset I walked to the beach for a little swim. There were almost no people on the beach, little Christmas light were lightning palm trees, a few tables were on the beach with candles and white sheets for dinner. While swimming the sunset behind me was amazing. The sea was so comfortable warm it felt like I was in a big warm bed. Around me super tiny fishes were jumping in groups in and out of the water. I remember, I felt like in a dream and I remember I said to myself that I didn’t know what I did in my life to be there at that moment. I felt like in heaven.

Koh Samui has done more for me than anything else I could possibly do at home. The experiences, the absence of my Macbook all the time, the fresh air, the beach, the food, the fresh fruits (mango heaven!) and everything else has brought me back home full of creativity, positivity and energy.

No oil, no problem

What I’ve noticed in Thai cuisine, is they don’t consume much fat. It was quite eye-opening. Their meals  contain more carbs and protein eaten together, which is the way to give you a full feeling. The fat in their diet came from all healthy sources like coconut milk, nuts, and some seeds or oils and were used in moderation. Of course, like any cultures cuisines there’s junk food or fried foods as well, but as a whole Thai cuisine uses fresh ingredients when possible and their quick cooking methods are genius!

tofu soup thailand

Soup is comfort, but fruit is life

I’m a huge soup lover and was so happy to see I could eat like the locals and have amazing vegetables soup each and every morning! Yes! And the soups were really very amazing. I will try to make some of them at home. But I stopped having soup for breakfast after a couple of days. Fruits in the morning is just the way to go, folks. It gives me much more energy throughout the day. Also, my digestive system is so much more happy when I respect the fast from the night before instead of disturb it and let it work on digesting a cooked meal at 8.00 am. The tropical fruits in Thailand are really great! I was eating mangoes like there was no tomorrow, trying to soak it in as much as possible!

I ate every morning heaps of fruit and fresh vegetable juices, which are  also quite popular for breakfast time. It was a beautiful, light, and energetic way to start my morning.

Of course I had to tried durian (it was on my food bucket list). It’s a fruit native to Asia, it’s incredibly smelly and has a true cult following, durian haters and durian lovers. I’ve always been so curious!

When passing markets you can really smell fresh durian (a very spiky green fruit that is the size of a large football). I think the smell is a combination of onion, garlic, vomit, cheese, and sweat. It’s creamy, mushy, soft flesh and intense. I filmed when I tried the dried version of durian first thing at the airport, but my face says it all you guys. Unfortunately, I don’t like durian. The fresh or the dried version, no. Just, no. I wish I did. Maybe I will like the frozen version? Please let me know below if I’m not the only one.

durianfruitmarket thailand

Mai bpen rai

Mai bpen rai basically means something like “never mind,” ”don’t sweat the small stuff”, or “no worries.” It’s the “hakuna matata” of Thailand. If you know me personally you know that I’m slightly a control freak. I like things to run smoothly, efficiently, and on time. Things in Thailand, though, don’t work that way. I’ll never forget I was in a cab running late due to traffic for my flight. I was stressing, pushing the driver to speed,  and sighed. I can only laugh at this reaction now, because this is truly one of the things Thai people really don’t stress about that much, because you can’t control everything so why worry about it? I once read, if you can’t change something, there is no reason to worry about it. In Thailand the locals reminded me of that.

Have you ever been to Thailand? I‘d love to hear your stories!

tuktuk bangkok photos by the green creator (c) (copyright) 

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  1. Super leuk en ik ben ook mega jaloers op je ervaring! Ben je alleen op reis geweest of met/ in een gezelschap? Ben erg benieuwd of je zoiets zou aanbevelen voor een meid van 27 alleen…………..
    En ik kijk heel erg uit naar je eigen variatie van de gerechten die je daar gegeten hebt! Liefs en enjoy your day!

    • Hi Annette! Jaaa, wat leuk! En het was ook echt erg leuk en absoluut aan te bevelen. Ik was niet alleen op reis, maar het is echt onwijs veilig overal en iedereen is erg behulpzaam. Ik voelde me er in ieder geval super veilig en ik ben echt een watje. Ik zou best alleen durven gaan, hoor! Echt een aanrader. Liefs! xxx

  2. Ik ben zeker in Thailand geweest. 😉 Wat heb je een prachtig verhaal geschreven met een hele positief draai eraan. Duim up!!! Verder heb je ook een hele mooie website. 🙂 ik ben hier voor het eerst..dus.


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