8 Reasons Why You are So Tired

Most of us want to lose weight or get more energy. Especially feeling tired all the time can be very frustrating and there can be many (medical) reasons for that. Today I will discuss 8 reasons why you are so tired.

8 Reasons Why You are So Tired

You aren’t getting enough sleep

This may sound very obvious, but so many of us are sleep deprived. I believe laptops and mobiel phones aren’t helping with that as well. Try to really aim for 8 hours of sleep per night to feel energetic. Also, make sure that a couple of these hours are before midnight….So don’t go to bed too late, don’t overeat at night since this may prevent you from falling asleep on time, and be careful with too much coffee.

You are eating too much refined sugars and simple carbs

Try to cut back on sugars and refined carbs. A blood sugar level with a lot of peaks (and crashes) can make you feel pretty fatigue.

You are not happy

This can be in your family life or at work. Anything that will basically make you not want to get out of bed in the morning will make you feel unhappy and will drain your energy. There are two ways to deal with these type of situations, change it or accept it. This may sound crude, but constantly feeling drained is not an healthy option.

You are eating gluten

Try to cut out gluten for one month and see if your energy levels will go up. If they do, it means your gut is not very happy with gluten and since everything starts in the gut (including your energy levels), this may be a cause for you to feel tired all the time.

You skip exercise when you’re tired

Skipping any type of exercise to save energy will actually work against you. Even light exercises three days per week for as little as 20 minutes will make you feel less fatigued and more energized. Regular exercise boosts strength, energy levels and endurance, and transports oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. When you’re tempted to crash on the couch after a day of work, go at least for a brisk walk.

You are not eating enough food

Some people don’t think about food. Some people even forget to have lunch or dinner. Or maybe you put yourself on a diet to lose some pounds for the summer. This all can be terrible for your energy levels. Never forget to eat good foods. We need nutritients from all food groups to stay healthy and energetic.  PS. stop dieting, they don’t work. If you are stuck contact me, I can help you out. 

You are dehydrated

You have no idea how much energy it takes for the body to thrive without enough water. A general rule is at least 2 liters per day, but this depends on your lifestyle, climate and weight. Did you know that even being  slightly dehydrated (as little as 2% of normal fluid loss) will already deprive you from energy? A dehydrated body will cause a reduction in blood volume, which makes the blood thicker and slower so your heart needs to pump less efficiently. This will reduce the speed at which oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles and organs. Also, toxins will not be flushed out and will play a role in feeling fatigue. Drink it up! You can read more about water here.

Your iron or vitamin b levels are low

Get a blood test at least once a year and always ask for an ferritin (iron) check. In my opinion, women should always eat more iron. Without enough iron in the body you will feel weak, sluggish, irritable, and you will have difficulties to focus. You can read here where to find iron. As a vegan it’s a good idea to check your vitamin B levels as well. A deficiency can have terrible (and sometimes irreversible) effects on your body.


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