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When it comes to (Dutch) vegan cookbooks, I have to say that there are quite a few out there. However, many vegan cookbooks are not all equally healthy and therefore not often a reason for me to quickly run to the nearest bookstore. But if a new vegan cook book pops up that is not only vegan but also healthy, you got my attention. In the new book ”Kickstart ” by Lisa Steltenpool it’s all about a healthy vegan life style that you can easily maintain. Lisa’s first book the ”Vegarevolutie” (also a Dutch book) is a good book if you’re looking for some directions in your vegan life style. However, in ”Kickstart”  the focus is more on healthy vegan recipes and health tips.


After her book ”Vegarevolutie”  which was all about veganism this book is also about health. This is pretty important, because a vegan diet doesn’t always necessarily mean you’re on a healthy diet. For example, if you eat vegan biscuits, rice and potatoes every day that really doesn’t mean just because it’s vegan that it’s also healthy.

Lisa is a nutritionist, and she doesn’t follow a specific diet. Love her! Like Lisa, I’m all about changing your lifestyle rather than a temporary diet that is not only not much fun, but also… temporary.

”Dieting is a waste of time

Often when I say that I follow a whole food plant-based diet, eyebrows get raised and I’m asked what is left for me to eat. That is why I started The Green Creator and I am happy that Lisa published a book that is in line with my vision of a healthy vegan diet.

I also found it inspiring to find practical tips in Lisa’s book such as the importance of discovering new flavors and a more active life style with less stress. There are also schedules in the book that you can use to plan your exercise and healthy eating moments.

And the recipes? There’s actually something for everyone in Lisa’s book. It’s not extreme. Not extremely green, extremely raw, extremely difficult or extreme in the use of superfoods, but always healthy, vegan and yummy!

”Buy and taste a new ingredient every week”

Kickstart” is a great book if you need some motivation to eat and live a more healthy vegan lifestyle.

Lisa Steltenpool
Uitgeverij Prometheus
€ 19,95
(only published in Dutch)


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