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Bookreview: why French women don’t get fat

french women

You could say that I’m constantly reading books on health, wellness, food, detox, medicine, holistic health, juicing, raw food…and so on. Books with titles like “fat” , ”diet” or ”skinny” normally don’t end up in my bookcase. However,  last month I have been reading a book that was lying around in my bookcase for some years now.

Lately, I’m surrounded by French women and I noticed that many (not all!) are eating not super healthy, but still manage to keep a slim waistline. So this book caught my curiosity again. I read it and I believe we can all learn from the message from this book.

So I have been reading the book by Mireille Guiliano, ”Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”

Why we all should be a bit more French

Coaching many people I can say honestly that the healthiest ones (normally the partner of the one seeking help with me) are in fact, the slimmest and healthiest people and they do what I have been reading in this book.

  • They don’t believe in diets. Actually, they believe in indulgence. Enjoying food, eating with gusto, eating whatever they like,  just in smaller portions. They don’t deprive themselves from specific foods unless they are specific vegan or vegetarian. They also  don’t think or look back on what they have eaten.
  • They don’t know the term guilty eating.
  • They eat all three courses. Starter, main and dessert too.
  • They have a healthy relationship with food.
  • They eat dessert but also love healthy food as well. Fruit, greens and healthy proteins are also apart of their lifestyle.
  • If they indulge they do not beat themselves. They simply eat clean for the rest of the day.
  • French women eat slowly and mindfully, because that’s polite.

Whether it is genetic or not, the way French women eat is a specific culture that is keeping them thin. A healthy relationship with food. Food is not the enemy, but something pleasurable. They are not body obsessed, jumping on their scale every other day.

Your relationship with food counts

It’s my belief that it’s important how we eat, and the emotional relationship we have with food and ourselves that will have a big impact on our health and weight. Also the portions of your food will be much more healthy, if you have a healthy relationship with food. You will not binge or deprive yourself from food or use food to cover up emotions ending up eating way too much than your body can handle.

In other words, the stress about eating food that is not so healthy, will also affect your body. Your body will be able to cope with the unhealthy food much better. Bad thoughts such as guilt, will not help your body and your digestion.

healthy summer How French women live

  • French women typically think about good things to eat, instead of thinking, worrying and avoiding   bad things to eat.
  • French women eat much smaller portions.
  • French women don’t believe in foods or diets, they don’t believe in ‘sugar free’ or ‘fat free’.
  • They drink alcohol in moderation.
  • French women eat lots of vegetables.
  • French women love chocolate especially the dark kind. But they also know how to have just a few pieces not all. They know when it’s enough.
  • French women are active but don’t over exercise either.
  • French women believe in pleasurable eating.
  • French women don’t snack all day long they eat three good meals.
  • French women love to cook real whole foods and buy their foods from local markets, they believe in local and organic produce
  • French women love to sit in a cafe and do nothing but enjoy the moment.
  • French women keep things simple.
  • French women never let themselves feel hungry, but they also never let themselves feel stuffed.
  • French women plan their meals in advance.
  • French women don’t watch TV while they eat or stand up (this is simply rude). They connect to their food they respect mealtimes.
  • French women drink water all day.
  • French women don’t weigh themselves they keep ”track” of their weight through how their clothes feel.
  • French women believe in rest.

veggies giacomelli

Don’t you think it’s interesting? I always find it so interesting to read about different people and different cultures. I enjoyed for that reason the book ”The Blue Zones” very much. There is so much we can learn from one and other, don’t you think?

What could you learn from the French?


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