Can the ‘’Miracle Morning’’ change your life?

Not that long ago the Dutch version of the ‘‘Miracle Morning’’ was published and since I promised myself to read more Dutch books and not only the English versions, I thought this was a great opportunity to dive into this book. The ‘’Miracle Morning’’ is a worldwide hit and the promises are pretty high. The biggest most successful people on earth use their ”morning routine” as a guarantee for their success and you can do it too. So I was curious: Can the ‘’Miracle Morning’’ change your life?

What is the ‘’Miracle Morning’’ about?

In a nutshell the book is about getting up earlier and to create some time for yourself. The author describes an exact routine to create before the day even begins. It will transform you as a person, but also your overall life will get better and you can reach your goals (lose weight, a better relationship or doing better at work). The book is very inspirational, but not ground breaking. However, the idea behind the book is pretty good.

The “Miracle Morning” is about blocking one hour for yourself before your day begins. Although the author recommends to do this routine in the morning, he also says you can do it at night if you need to.

‘’Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’’ – Neale Donald Walsh

Can the ‘’Miracle Morning’’ change your life?

The one hour ‘’Miracle Morning’’

To sum it up for you, the author was trying to improve the quality of his life after being clinically dead and then bankrupted. He started researching what others said that helped contribute to their success and came to these six habits:

  1. Meditation /silence (5 minutes)
  2. Affirmations (5 minutes)
  3. Visualization (5 minutes)
  4. Journaling (5 minutes)
  5. Reading ( 20 minutes)
  6. Exercise (20 minutes)

Not being able to decide which one would work the best, he decided to do all six every morning.

If one hour is way too long for you; there is a 6-minute routine as well:

  1. Meditation/ silence (1 minute)
  2. Affirmations (1 minute)
  3. Visualization (1 minute)
  4. Journaling (1 minute)
  5. Reading (1 minute)
  6. Exercise (1 minute)

In practice…

The book is very uplifting and motivating and it inspires you to reach your goals. However, I’m maybe to down to earth to believe that only this specific morning routine can do this. I have my own personal morning routine that works well for me. Having that said, this book motivated me for example to push my daily workouts to the morning instead of 5.00 pm, which unfortunately only lasted one week. This book also motivated me to write more, but after a few days this vanished too. But you know what? Tomorrow is a brand new day and I will try again.

‘’Things don’t change, we change’’- Henri David Thoreau

Is this book worth the read?

Although his exact morning routine didn’t really work for me for a long time, that doesn’t mean this book is not worth the read.

I already have my own morning routine that I LOVE and I can’t imagine being without it. So if you don’t have a routine (or one you don’t like) this book will be of great value and a great inspiration since you can create your own routine based on this book. 

If you can appreciate a good book on self-development that will make you want to jump out of bed to cease the day, this is a great book!

Set your alarm clock one hour earlier, splash your face with cold water, get dressed in something comfy, have a glass of water and start your “Miracle Morning’’:

This can be as simple as starting the day with:

  • A 10-minute meditation or prayer. All alone in the dark. Pretty great and pretty powerful.
  • A short 25-minute workout to energize the body for the day.
  • Writing in a journal or gratitude journal to set the tone for the day.
  • Preparing a healthy breakfast and/or lunch for on the go.

This won’t take an hour and it will give you a great balanced start of the day. A morning routine can even be more simple such as reading for a few minutes (something that you enjoy) or going for a walk…It all comes down to self care and this book is a great reminder of that.

If you decide to set your mind to this and try to wake up earlier and give this time to yourself, you will get closer to the feeling of how blessed you are to even get up in the morning, and to be (healthy and) alive. And gratefulness leads to happiness.

Also, how great it is to start your day (in the office) without feeling rushed or late and already feeling behind on work? Starting the day calm will make you more productive.

How much more can you get out of the day if you had one hour extra?


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