winter smoothie

Winter Smoothie

Just when I thought spring would slowly arrive, I was welcomed by a super cold day this morning. It feels

Green smoothie without greens

Green smoothie without greens

What better way to start the New Year than with a green smoothie? This winter I have been having kiwis every

banana bread

One-bowl Banana Bread

When I see a bunch of ripe bananas I think of smoothies or ice cream, but sometimes it’s a delicious

buckwheat creme

Creamy Buckwheat Porridge

Either savory or sweet, buckwheat is always a good idea. I can run out a lot of things, but never

Post Work Out Super Smoothie

There are only a few things that can beat the feeling of a workout in the morning (preferably ‘fasted cardio’

anti aging milkshake

Blueberry Milkshake

We enjoyed a very soft winter this year and even had a little sneak peek of what spring feels like.

My Green go-to smoothie with secret ingredient

Green Smoothie Recipe

As a kid I used to hate parsley and thought it should only be used as a garnish. Today I

Apple Pudding

Apple Pudding

Autumn arrived. Although I love fall, the warmer clothes, drinking more tea, candle lights in the evening and everything else

The miracles of turmeric

Sweet turmeric smoothie

Going through my recipes you might have noticed that I adore turmeric. I hate the stains it gives, but I

Inca Energy Cookies

Lucuma Energy Cookies

Besides breakfast, snacks on-the-go are one of my favorite foods to prepare. After preparation you can eat them right away, but also

The most healthiest pancake

The healthiest pancake

At first I didn’t even wanted to post this picture on my Instagram account. Nothing special I thought. It’s just

almond milk

The Best Almond Milk Ever

I can still clearly remember the period that cowmilk  was advertised as the best fuel for us humans. Several glasses