baked apple in a bowl with yogurt drizzled with maple syrup and a gold teaspoon


These perfectly baked apples are filled with a sweet, cinnamon-spiced oat mixture and walnuts. They are a tender, sweet, and

vegan cheese

How to make vegan cheese

This recipe is not something new for vegans, but it was about time to share. A lot of people that


How To Make Aquafaba

What is aquafaba? Aquafaba (water bean), chickpea liquid or bean juice is the typically discarded liquid from beans in a

quick smooth raspberry chia seed pudding

Vegan egg substitute

In some of my recipes  I use vegan egg replacements. It sounds fancy, but it’s not. Vegan (plant based) recipes often

How to make Hemp Seed Milk

We know by now how to make almond milk or banana milk, but for some people that takes way too