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  • bea lubas photography book on light brown backdrop with plates with waffles
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #11

    Fall is the time we all spent more time inside (especially fall 2020), so it’s the perfect time to make life at home cozy. More cooking, baking, reading and maybe even…

  • green smoothie in tall glass on white plate with a spoon with spirulina
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #10

    I normally stay away from spirulina, often referred to as blue-green algae. There are a lot of great health claims attributed to the use of spirulina supplements, but spirulina is also…

  • pomegranate in bowl
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #9 – Fall Faves

    It’s easy to think of fall as ”out with the old and in with the new”, right? But trees actually bother to turn their leaves into beautifully pigmented red and yellow…

  • flatlay book with kindle and tea
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #8 – August Books

    Although in general I tend to pick up books on topics such as self-improvement, diet, health, cookbooks, lifestyle and business I noticed that the last few weeks I tend to reach…