Why I don’t like to drink cold water

Japanese Water Therapy

The (early) hours in the morning are the ‘’golden hours’’. A lot can be done before starting the day. Oil

How To Save A Juice Or Smoothie

I’m often asked how to save a smoothie or juice for later. Fresh is, of course, always best. Especially when

Inspiration | Kyra de Vreeze

Kyra the Vreeze is a bodymind chef, activist for health and happiness, yoga teacher, writer, food photographer, recipe developer and

Why I use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are as normal to me as maybe bread is for most of us. Without actually giving it any

oregano oil

The Wonders of Oregano oil

Oregano oil is maybe nature’s most powerful and versatile oil. I always have a bottle of this oil with me,

What is Oil Pulling?


Many healthy things can be done in the morning, that’s for sure now. I tell people very rarely about my