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Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen 2013

Many people think they are eating healthy when they buy non-organic fruits or vegetables such as apples, grapes or strawberries. And of course you are. An apple is in any case better than a donut. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Unless the fruits and vegatables you buy are organic or pesticide-free, they could be a major risk of developing cancer. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reported that up to 98 percent of all fruits and vegetables  is contaminated with cancer-causing pesticides . The well known “dirty” fruits list are the one with a particular higher risk than other. So the list is not limited…

I always find this a good guide to buy my daily green groceries a bit cheaper. Produce listed as ‘dirty’ I will buy organic and the ‘cleaner’ onces I can occasionally buy non-organic. Click here for a full list of all the 48 items that were tested by the EWG.

Forewarned is fore armed.

Begrijp je hier helemaal niets van? Geen probleem. Stuur me een mail met deze link en je ontvangt dit artikel in het Nederlands.

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