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Dry Brushing

dry brushing

Dry what? Brushing your skin? Sounds like pure torture. The first time I saw this on television it reminded me of the old men that used to rub their skin with a super hard towel after showering . You can imagine it took me a long time to include this in my morning routine.

What is it and why should you do it?
Our skin is our largest organ. Dry brushing is nothing more than keeping your skin clear of debris. It’s the cheapest way to get rid of loose dead cells, to stimulate acupressure points, to awaken your chi, to move the lymph, to get warm and improve your circulation, to wake up your immune system and to get a super glowy skin. Your skin will become so soft. It’s difficult to explain, but it feels like velvet. This is also the best way to get rid of cellulite.

How can dry brushing eliminate waste and significantly reduce cellulite?
We loose about one pound of waste from our skin on a daily basis. When we don’t loose these toxins they will get reabsorbed by our skin. Your skin will be very grateful if you would give it a help by brushing it. All the waste will leave the body. Especially when you use a bit more pressure and use rotating motions on the areas with more cellulite you will see that it will slowly disappear. Your skin will be much more firmer/elastic.

These brushes are cheap and can go forever if you wash them every ten days. The first time brushing your skin feels very unnatural and can be a bit sensitive. After dry brushing the skin can be a bit reddish and you will feel warm because you just woke up your blood circulation.

I always work towards the heart with long upwards moving strokes. However, the rotating motions will really warm you up. Before a shower or bath is the best moment. You can also brush your face, but the brush might be too hard the first weeks to do so.

Your skin will start glowing. By now I can even tell if a woman is using this method or not. There is a special glow that no body lotion, scrub or moisturizer can imitate.

Brushing every day is perfect, however we don’t live in a perfect world. Two or three times a week is close to perfection.

Be carefull with some areas though.

Kiki (the yoga teacher of Madonna) can explain and show perfectly how to dry brush.


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