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Giveaway Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Set (€ 64,85)

In this article, you could have read that I am quite picky when it comes to my skin care routine. The biggest difficulty I had was with my makeup though. I was always used to lots of foundation on my skin. And even now, I sometimes find it difficult to walk by a makeup store without a glance at the beautiful campaigns.

After I adopted a more healthy lifestyle, my skin changed for the better and I noticed that I needed less makeup. I also became increasingly aware of the fact that our skin is an organ, and that it really matters what we put on it. 

Dr. Hauschka is slowly but surely more and more on my bathroom shelf these days.  Especially the rose cream is absolutely my favorite! I’d like to give you a change to get introducted to the beautiful products of Dr. Hauschka so I’m giving away a complete skin care set. 

If you have an impure skin, it makes absolutely no sense to cover it with thick layers of foundation. Pay a close look to what you eat and drink (dairy and a beautiful skin usually do’t go very well together), make sure that your intestines are balanced and stop covering up your skin with make up, because it works really counterproductive. Live healthy and your skin will not need more than good natural skin care.

Dr. Hauschka

All products from Dr. Hauschka are free of synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives such as parabens, silicones, PEG and perfume.

Dr. Hauschka only uses natural raw products, such as roses. The products keep your skin clean, supple, nourished, and gives you a truly beautiful deep glow.

Maybe nice to know is that Dr. Hauschka is a holistic brand. Therefore there is no animal testing involved.

dr hauschka

Win a complete Dr. Hauschka skin care set

Would you love to win a complete set of Dr. Hauschka skin care products? From September 28th to October 5th, you can win a package with the following products:

Cleansing milk
(145 ml, all skin types)

  • Ideal to cleanse your face in a gentle kind of way.
  • Contains anthyllis, jojoba and almond oils that preserves the natural hydro-lipid layer of your skin.

Facial tonic 
(100 ml, for normal, dry and sensitive skin)

  • Use after cleansing your face. Can also be used by men after shaving.
  • Contains amongst others witch hazel and anthyllis, which stimulates the metabolism of your skin and provides a fresh, vital appearance.

Rose cream
(30 ml, for the dry, sensitive and mature skin)

  • Use in the morning after cleansing your skin. Can be used as a base for make-up. I personally also use this cream during the night.
  • Contains amongst others rose oil, wild rose hip, shea butter, rose blossoms, avocado extract, mallow plant and St. John’s wort.
  • Supports the ability of the skin to repair itself, prevents dehydration, strengthens the skin and has a harmonizing effect on the lipid and fluid balance of your skin.

How you can win

  1. Share this article that you can find on the Facebook page of The Green Creator on your own Facebook timeline. Share the picture directly from the Facebook page of The Green Creator (not via via) and share it publicly.
  2. Like the Facebook page of The Green Creator and Dr. Hauschka.
  3. Leave a comment under this article or under the Facebook page post with an email adress I can reach you on.

Extra chance to win when you:

  1. Follow me on Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter;
  2. You sign up for my newsletter.

Good luck!

These products are supplied by Dr. Hauschka. To win you’ll need a Dutch postal address.


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