Sweet Grapefruit Smoothie

When you’ve just decided to incorporate smoothies in your life and you’re looking for a sweet and easy recipe, this grapefruit smoothie is for you. If you are not a beginner and you can’t wait to sip on this super sweet grapefruit smoothie on a hot day, keep on reading as well.

The other day, I noticed I was using the juicer more often to juice my lemons in the morning. And since I’m a total grapefruit freak, I decided to also juice my grapefruit while I’m at it. Somehow I created a sweet grapefruit smoothie out of this. Delicious! I’m having this delicious grapefruit smoothie every morning now.

The only thing I did was blending the juice with just a few other simple ingredients.

For the juice you will need:

  • Two to three grapefruits
  • One orange (optional)

In the blender you will need to add :

  • Two ripe bananas
  • A little handfull of coriander (more on herbal smoothies, here)
  • Alternatively, you could add an avocado and a teaspoon of bee pollen (not vegan).

Now, I added the avocado to make this smootie nutrition wise close to perfection. An avocado is also the best way to make a smoothie more creamy.

Blend it up and add some ice cubes if you wish. I know for sure you will be back for more.

Did you know that…

Grapefruits are a delicious alternative if you find that oranges are a bit too sweet for you? They contain vitamin A and C.

Please contact your doctor in case you are on medicine before drinking grapefruit juice.

grapefruit smoothie

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