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Your health is your greatest wealth. Without a healthy body, there’s is little you can do in life. However, it’s not really easy to stay or become healthy. It may take quite some time and money. Doing healthy groceries, cooking, working out, considering a detox, supplements, hydration and so on. We all seem to be either busy or have no money to make healthier choices. In addition, the world of health is often a jungle. What to buy and where?

Finally, there is something like Healthbox. Because Healthbox offers a solution to our modern health issues. Healthbox is affordable and will save you time since others will think about your groceries. Perfect!

What is Healthbox?

Healthbox is an initiative of two brilliant ladies from, Willemijn and Liselotte. With Healthbox they want to make healthy and mindful living for everyone accessible.

healthbox ladies Healthbox is a monthly box with healthy and delicious products that will be delivered at your door for free. A perfect aid for many who want to live healthier, but don’t have the resources or have time to do so.

What is the price of Healthbox?

Healthbox is a box full of products with a combined value of at least € 50, -. The box itself costs only € 24,95 and will be delivered for free. Yes, that’s right. This means you often will have more than 50% discount on all the products. You will receive the box once  per month and are not tied to any subscription. Furthermore, every month it’s a surprise what’s in the box. A true gift to yourself!

“Every month you will receive multivitamins from Orthica and full size products such as skin care, snacks and sports gadgets”

healthbox nuts

Where can I find Healhtbox?

If you’re as excited as I am, let’s make this happen. We can help Healthbox and give it the needed kick-start. To make Healthbox a fact, Willemijn and Liselotte started a crowdfunding campaign. Investors like you and me can make a contribution through Oneplanetcrowd and together with other investors help create Healtbox. Healthbox will be a fact if there are enough healthy people that bought a box in the presale. You can already invest as of € 20,00.

So click and support your own health and this great initiative. As a thank you will also get another temporary 20% discount on your own healthbox.

Do you have any questions about Healhtbox? Please contact healthbox via [email protected]



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