Healthy Hotspots in Cologne, Germany

It’s no big surprise that Germany is the place to be for plant based foodies. I was told that Cologne is a very trendy and beautiful place to visit. A little bit like Berlin, but smaller and cozier. You can understand I had no clue what to expect. On a beautiful sunny autumn morning we decided to jump in the car and visit Cologne. I was there only for a few days, but I’ll be back for more. For now I have a few healthy hotspots to share with you!

Cologne Cathedral

The first ”hotspot” is not food related, but it’s of course the Cologne Cathedral. I thought that as a World Heritage Site the Cologne Cathedral would be almost impossible to visit (let alone make pictures), but it wasn’t as crowded as I expected. The first evening I ended up shooting pictures for an hour. Every little detail is so impressive. During the day the Cologne Cathedral dominates the skyline of the city and is absolutely one of Germany’s most famous landmarks. Did you know it took over 600 years to complete the cathedral?

Although I enjoyed walking through the city centre of Cologne I found the ”Brüsseler Platz” area much more inspiring. The little street, stores and picturesque cafés and restaurants make this area absolutely worth the visit. Cologne also has some amazing parcs and especially during fall a walk through a parc in Cologne is truly magical.

Hotspots in Cologne, GermanyHealthy Food Hotspots


Smoothie- en juice bar Wndrfuel is located at the ”Zülpicher Straße” which is a dynamic area in Cologne near a beautiful parc. Wndrfuel is a café with cold-pressed juices, smoothies, superfoods and a few options for a quick bite. It’s a typical place to hang out with friends or to enjoy a juice in the company of a good book. The entrance is fabulous! I ordered a quick juice for on the go, but if I would have had more time I would definitely hang out here with my laptop for a few hours.

Zülpicherstr. 30
50674 Cologne
Hotspots in Cologne, Germany

Die Suppenbar

Die Suppenbar is a place I found on my way to breakfast on the first day. This place is far from a hipster place. They don’t pay a lot of attention to the styling of the restaurant, but hey… the serve soup! And I just loooove soups! When I entered four ladies were serving, cooking and pouring in big bowls of soups.  If you are in a doubt about which soup to order, they let you try all of them. It’s like visiting your mum for a quick bowl of comfort.  They offer mainly soups (as the name can tell) and 3 out of the 4 soups they offered that day were vegan. The vegan options were an African coconut lentil soup, an Indian soup and a vegetable soup. The atmosphere is not amazing (think: fluorescent lights), but it’s a good nice place to have a quick soup that will warm you up. PS. they close  at around 3.30 pm.

The best thing about Germany is that they love soups and they always have vegan options. If you love soups, you are my friend.

Komödienstraße 99
50667 Cologne

Hotspots in Cologne, Germany

The Great Berry

Breakfast on the first day was at The Great Berry, which I can only describe as a hipster hotspot. I always have mixed feelings when it comes to these places. Just because a model or blogger is posing with a smoothie on Instagram in a health bar doesn’t mean the quality of the smoothies are great, right? However, when my order (finally!) arrived I immediately loved this place. It’s super busy and the staff can hardly keep up, but it’s worth the wait. I ordered a delicious açai bow and noticed they don’t add extra sugars (some health/juice bars do that). Also my vegan banana bread and golden milk were perfect! Especially their golden milk (with almond milk) is really good! You can truly taste that they don’t ”cheat” by adding sugars to your drink. I loved it! Even though not everything on the menu is vegan or gluten free, they do have tons of vegan options.

Hotspots in Cologne, GermanyHotspots in Cologne, GermanyHotspots in Cologne, Germany

Bunte Burger

I’m not a big fan of burgers, unless it’s the gluten free vegan burger from Krowarzywa in Warsaw. Not kidding you, those are just the best EVER. I didn’t try the burgers at Bunte Burger, since I already had lunch that day, but I did try their desserts. Everything at Bunte Burger is organic and vegan. It’s a nice and friendly place for a good lunch or dinner and the endless possibilities of burgers on their menu will take you a while to decide for which burger you will go. I ordered the vegan coconut panna cotta with wild berries and an amazing brownie with walnuts and homemade “milk” chocolate sauce. Heaven!

Hotspots in Cologne, GermanyI will definitely return to Cologne. These are the hotspots I would like to visit next time:

  • ”Spatz – Health Food Deli & cafe” : the soups, juices, smoothies, waffles, snacks…. all look amazing.
  • ”MeiWok” : they seem to serve really yummy Asian food here. I also spotted delicious smoothies on the menu and you can substitute your rice for cauliflower rice or your noodles for zoodles.
  • ”Kaltpresse” : this looks like a delicious cold pressed juice bar.

If you know of a hotspot I missed in Cologne, please let me know in the comment section below. I can’t wait to go back again!

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