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How To Detox without a Juice Detox

How To Detox without a Juice Detox
bodies are happiest and healthiest when we help our organs a bit with some way of a detox. A detox doesn’t have to be something very complicated. It also doesn’t have to be an all-liquid juice diet and a week off work. There are luckily ways to detox without a juice detox.

Try an every day gentle detox routine with these simple and effective methods.

Get a water filter

A glass of water is something we normally don’t think about too much. However, tap water can be full with unwanted materials, which can damage our intestinal flora and disrupt our endocrine system. Clean water will hydrate our body the right way and eliminate waste more effectively. A filter will pre filter/detox the water already a bit for us. Also, think about your shower, since our skin is our largest organ.

Start oil pulling

Oil pulling is a quite simple and inexpensive daily habit to detoxify. Oil pulling attracts and removes bacteria, toxins, and parasites that live in your mouth and lymph system. Also, it pulls mucus from your throat and loosens up the sinuses. With the help of your saliva, all this will bind with the coconut oil, ready to get rid of. You can read all about it here.

Eat chemical-free unprocessed foods

Even if you eat healthy (most of the time), we are every day exposed to tons of pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives in the food we eat. Try to eat organic as much as possible and cook from scratch.

Brush your skin

It sounds weird, but the feeling and effects are amazing. Skin brushing helps to get rid off dead skin cells (toxins), which will allow your skin to breathe better. If we don’t brush away dead skin our body might absorb it again. So brush it all away! You will be left with a glowing smooth skin as well. Brush the skin in a clockwise circular motion, begin at the feet and move towards the heart to pump up the detoxification and circulation.


Yes, you need to poo at least daily to get rid of waste. I like talking about poo, which may sound weird to some of you, but healthy bowels are extremely important for your health.

You can make sure you poop regularly by drinking plenty of water and consuming enough fibers (mainly found in fruits and vegetables). Exercising daily and relaxation will also help. Your colon is a muscle, so if you’re tense your colon will be tense as well.  I highly recommend this book if you want to know more about this topic.

Breath deep

Most of us take short and shallow breaths without even knowing it. Learn how to breathe deep. Why? Deep breathing will help to cleanse and detoxify the lungs, reduces stress and will provide our tissues with energizing oxygen. Just once a day mindful deep breathing is already enough.

Clean up your cosmetics

Many of us are slathering toxic chemicals/cosmetic on our body every day. From shampoo, to deodorant, to makeup. Women use quite a lot of  toxic beauty products.

Try to slowly incorporate more chemical-free products into your life that will not disrupt your hormones. I wrote about it here before. You can also choose to make your own products, such as a DIY dry shampoo or face mask.


Our minds are as important as our bodies. A good laugh has a huge effect on how we feel and on how the body reacts. A good laugh will reduce stress and lower blood pressure. So laugh it up every single day!


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