How to live more sustainably? (GIVEAWAY)

Almost half a year ago (November 2016), everyone was talking about Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary “Before the flood”. We all wanted to save the planet. On April 22nd this year it was Earth Day and the topic of sustainability came back in the picture again. And that is how it should be (more often), because we have not been very kind to our planet and it’s time to save what can be saved. How can we fix this? How to live more sustainably? For ourselves and the generations after us.

After seeing a documentary like ”Before the Flood”, you might think that it’s already too late, the damage has been done and that you can’t make a difference anymore all by yourself. I don’t agree with the latter though. Yes, I cried watching this documentary and felt hopeless, but do you know this saying?

“If you think you are too small to have an effect, try to go to sleep with a mosquito in the room.”

If everyone does something (just a little bit), we can all make a difference. Plastic bags are for example no longer for free in the Netherlands which means that most of us now is taking our own shopping bag to the store. As a result the sales of plastic bags dropped with a whopping 71%. A little effort with a big effect. This applies to so many more things.

Hoe kan ik duurzamer leven?

Many of the things we do to our planet is out of luxury. I once read that everything we do to ”improve” in life is because of comfort. We want to make things more comfortable for us. All the luxury came from the need to make our lives easier and more fun. More cars, more processed foods … So with a little less convenience we might make the world a bit more sustainable, right? But how?

How to live more sustainably?

  • If you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, you may want to consider eating less meat.
  • If you eat meat then try to go for meat that is less of a burden to our planet. Beef is for example the most inefficient usage of resources on the planet. So choose for chicken instead. This simple choice can reduce the methane emissions for the planet.
  • Do not use plastic bags, but rather buy reusable bags like fabric shopping bags.
  • You can choose not to use products that are unnecessarily packed (with plastic).
  • Palm oil is also not really great to use (think of deforestation) and I’m glad I never cooked with this oil.
  • Use green electricity.
  • If possible, walk (or bike) instead of always using the car. Walking is my favorite thing to do and even cheaper and healthier too.
  • Also vegans (who are of course not eating any meat) can contribute to the future of our planet by eating less avocados. I’m eating way less avocados now I know what a burden this is on the planet. I was not aware of the fact that the cultivation of avocados (often in dry areas) is so harmful for the planet. Growing avocados requires a lot of water and this leads to illegal deforestation.
  • I don’t use any plastic bags/bottles unless I really have no other choice. You might have seen me on my social media with a glass bottle. Just like with plastic bags, this is a little effort with a big effect.

The question is of course how far you want to go. What is normal without having to live like we did thousands of years ago? I think striving for perfection is meaningless and short-lived. I’d rather make small steps. Glass bottles instead of buying a plastic bottle each and every time? Great! More local food instead of expensive products from the other side of the world (with heavy carbon footprint)? Great! If you decide to eat meat three times a week instead of every day? Well done!

“In the US 40% of land is used for food production, 70% of that is used for feed for cattle and 1% is used for things we actually eat: fruit, vegetables, and nuts.”

I often think of this emotional video of Wubbo Ockels just before he died. What would it mean to our planet if we all would realize we really only have one planet? Even a little thing, does something”.

Hoe kan ik duurzamer leven?


I would say, do what is feasible for you. How small or how big it is (that’s personal), but I hope to raise more awareness for this topic. We do not own the planet. We need the planet. I think it’s all about taking our own responsibility, everyone in his/her own way. I want to help you with that (and thus humanity and thus the planet). Plastic bags and bottles are not a necessity. If you still use plastic bottles and bags, try replacing it for a more sustainable version. To help you with this, Royal Green has offered to give away three of their beautiful new double walled glass bottles with glass protector together with their adorable granny bag.

Hoe kan ik duurzamer leven?

Hoe kan ik duurzamer leven?

How to enter*

The 3 winners will be announced on Facebook on May 7th, 2017.

I’m really curious to know how you live (or want to live) more sustainably. Any small change will already make a big difference, don’t you think?

*You should be located in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg to join this giveaway


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