How To Make Your Own Magnesium Spray

Now that long ago I wrote how I use my own magnesium spray and why it is such a vital part of overall health. Many of us are magnesium deficient. Magnesium is a mineral that the body uses for hundreds of reactions. Every cell in the body needs magnesium, and it’s vital for tooth, bone, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction.

Deficiency of magnesium is widespread due to many factors, such as our lifestyle that can deplete magnesium such as lack of sleep, excess stress, working out too much or the consumption of alcohol/caffeine/sugar.

As a kid I remember I was always told to go to the beach to get healthy, but I never understood why. The ocean is a great source of magnesium. However, if you don’t have daily access to the beach, magnesium oil can be the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to soak up magnesium. Magnesium can do everything from reducing stress to improve sleep.

I use magnesium daily on my skin in the form of magnesium oil. This is a spray that feels like an oil on the skin. So magnesium spray or magnesium oil, both are actually the same thing. You can save a lot of money by making your own magnesium oil.

After I wrote the article on how and why I use  my own spray, my mailbox exploded by the amount of requests for the recipe. I think this is very understandable since the price of magnesium sprays in stores are high and I would never buy it in the store (again). It is just not necessary. Let me show you how you can make your own magnesium spray very easily.

You will need to buy one bag of magnesium chloride that will last for years! The bag itself is way cheaper than a little bottle of magnesium spray in the store. Make sure you buy Magnesium Chloride flakes or powder. A simple search on Amazon or a visit to your local health store will give you tons of options. When you’re in doubt, just drop me a message so I can help you.

With two ingredients, you can make your own magnesium oil for a fraction of the price of the sprays in the store/online. On average a bottle of magnesium oil/spray will cost you at least 15 euros. Your own bottle of magnesium oil will not cost you more than 2 euros..

How To Make Your Own Magnesium SprayHow to make your own Magnesium Spray

You will need:

  • ½ cup Magnesium Chloride powder or flakes
  • ½ cup distilled water
  • a bowl or measuring cup
  • a spray bottle

Boil the distilled water. Put the magnesium chloride flakes (or powder as on the photo) in the bowl or measuring cup and pour the boiling water over it. Stir well until completely dissolved. Let cool and store in the spray bottle. It can be stored at room temperature for at least six months. I use it daily, also often as a deodorant.

How to Use Magnesium Oil

It is very simple. Spray daily on your arms, legs, armpits and stomach. I use 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times, and this is normal. It should fade after a while. Try to build up the amount of sprays, so don’t start with 20 sprays per day immediately. I wrote about it here.

You can leave on the skin or wash off after 20-30 minutes. I normally use the spray after a shower or before sleep.

Some tips

  • Put about 300 grams of magnesium flakes into your bath water for a relaxing bath after a workout, or to improve the condition of your skin and replenish magnesium levels overall.
  • A foot bath is very effective as well. The ability to absorb magnesium via the feet is actually quite high. A foot bath with a solution of 130 grams of magnesium flakes on half a bucket of water is enough to give yourself a big boost of magnesium.
  • I wouldn’t recommend to use any magnesium spray for children under the age of six. They often find it not a pleasant experience and the oil is too concentrated for their weight/height and their recommended daily magnesium intake.
  • When you buy the flakes instead of the powder the ratio of 1: 1 can be too strong. There will be a higher magnesium level present in the oil. Maybe this can have it advantages for you. Maybe you’re an athlete and you need an extra dosis, but for normal use, I would change the ratio when using flakes.  So dilute the magnesium oil with distilled water to a ratio of 1: 2, one third of magnesium flakes to two parts of water.

I hope this article will help you to make your own magnesium spray! It’s so much cheaper and more effective. If you have any questions or if you have any experiences with magnesium oil, please share it below with me!


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