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Kyra the Vreeze is a bodymind chef, activist for health and happiness, yoga teacher, writer, food photographer, recipe developer and naturopathic therapist specialized in holistic nutrition. She writes culinary articles for Yoga magazine, is a vegan vlogger for ELLE Food and writes books. She wrote Daytox and Kyra’s Kitchen, which explains the magic of nutrition as preventive medication.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
I get up, take a shower (incl. hot/cold showers), make and drink a smoothie and do my yoga practice.


Why did you choose to not consume animal products?
When I was three I told my mother that I wanted to stop eating meat. At the age of 16 I was finally independent enough to actually become vegetarian. I ate back then (almost) no milk or eggs just because I didn’t like the taste. At one point in time I thought I might as well choose to follow a plant based diet.

Now you’re you pregnant are you more aware of the fact that you eat a plant based diet? Are you for example afraid to develop certain deficiencies such as folic acid?
During my pregnancy I started to look even more into what you need during pregnancy and what the baby needs to develop. I thus learned a lot about how I can optimize my health as well the health of the little one on a plant-based diet. A pregnancy gives you the opportunity to listen to your body even better The body is wiser than your mind and beliefs are. By listening to your body (healthy cravings, intuition and so on) you do not deprive yourself and your baby, but you make sure that you’re listening to your body and give it what It needs at that moment. Practically that means that I’ve given myself the opportunity to be able to eat everything I feel that I need to  eat. I already was using bee pollen and raw honey (not officially vegan) before my pregnancy, however somewhere between week 10 and 20 of my pregnancy I suddenly got the strong desire to eat goat quark, which I did. It was good, I was happy and in no time the craving disappeared. I believe my body indicated that I needed a certain level. I made sure it was the best and purest organic version and I haven’t felt guilty for a moment.

Listening to your body is a blessing and NEVER a shame.

What products do you eat every day?
Products I like to use (daily) are gluten-free grains such as millet and buckwheat. Also nuts and seeds such as hemp seed and walnuts or leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce. I also like to include fermented foods such as apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut. I also love seasonal fruits and vegetables like carrots, sprouts and sweet potatoes (in the autum/winter).

What do you eat on an average day?
The first thing I ‘eat ‘ are liquids such as a smoothie or smuice (combo of a slow juice and smoothie). After my yoga practice this will be followed with herbal teas and water and some fruit. Occasionally (usually in winter) I will eat instead of fruit a porridge of oatmeal, overnight oats or millet.

I drink no more than one cup of organic coffee ( latte macchiato with unsweetened nut milk ) per day. Always before the end of the afternoon, and after I’ve eaten something. Never on an empty stomach! I do so because coffee activates the adrenal glands to turn to release adrenaline and cortisol and can deplete your energy reserves. Especially if you drink too much, or if you take it on an empty stomach. If you feel that you don’t (properly) function without coffee then you belong to one of the people who should leave the coffee out of their diets for a while! Also when you’re tired and stressed, coffee is not a good idea.

Lunch is usually between noon and 2.00 pm and can for example be a homemade kichadee (an ayurvedic veggie and rice (mung) beans dish) or a raw food wrap with nori, a hearty soup with homemade nuts cookies or a quinoa salad. Then, when I get hungry, I eat something between lunch and dinner, for example some activated raw nuts. When I eat something sweet, I will do usually during snack time. I ‘m a fan of cake, raw food cake and cookies and always make them myself. They are gluten-free, pure, organic, free of refined sugars and contain only the best and tastiest ingredients. My rooibos maple cake during the autumn season is my favorite.

For dinner I choose for example an homemade curry sauce with coconut, ginger, lime and cardamom. I make all my sauces myself from scratch, there is so much junk in ready made sauces. Or a simple millet salad with seeds and roasted vegetables or gluten-free pasta. Sometimes I will replace the organic brown rice pasta with raw zucchini ribbons. So good with a “cream” sauce of cashew nuts or a tomato sauce with fresh basil. During dinner I always eat a lot of vegetables. During the day I drink water (sometimes with a little lemon juice, cucumber and fresh herbs in it ) or herbal teas. If I could I would drink fresh coconut water throughout the day.

I was born in Curacao where I pretty much from birth was drinking coconut water the entire day. Sometimes I joke that I don’t have  blood that is running through my veins but coconut water.

cake top

What is the best super food and what is not really worth the money according to you?
The best superfoods are real foods, not supplements. When you start using a lot of the so-called superfoods it might be very tempting to replace meals by ” maca – reishi – chlorella wheatgrass shakes”. It’s totally unnecessary to purchase all these expensive superfoods. My favorite superfoods are brussels sprouts, broccoli, sprouts, seaweed, (shiitake) mushrooms, apple cider vinegar and raw cacao. They’re practical, affordable products that you can use daily without any problems and they are all perfect ” superfoods ” that will for example support detoxification. The term superfood most likely was created because our daily food became so unhealthy, refined and ’empty’  so we needed to come up with a name for food that is high in nutrients. Superfoods are products with high nutritional benefits or high health benefits. Good and pure healing food. In fact all the food that we already ate hundreds of years ago were already superfoods. Actually, any food (even lettuce!) has it’s own unique nutrient , character and unique effects for our health. Do not discriminate. All pure seasonal organic vegetables and fruits are superfoods. Variation is KEY !


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Favorite foodbook: ”Healing with whole foods” – Paul Pitchford

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