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Remy is a type of man that will immediately inspire you. I would describe him as down to earth with a lot of wisdom. We must share this on The Green Creator was my first thought! Remy Draaijer is 54 years and the man behind bellicon in the Netherlands. Remy has a background as a naturopath and as a sports teacher. He never stops learning and takes nothing for granted. Something we can all learn from, right? 

Who is Remy Draaijer?

I’m still figuring out who I actually am, but I know I’m often inspired by nature and that I’m curious about the truth behind the ”duality”. I started to study the functioning of both body and mind, but also to find the answer to the question: who am I? I see the body as a laboratory of the mind. The mind can affect the body and vice versa. What you believe becomes reality…

I’m not stuck in concepts and rituals, which is a big challenge. Tomorrow my view might be completely different.

As a little child I always wanted to become a sports teacher. I obtained a degree from the sports academy and opened up my own fitness center in the nineties. At the same time I enrolled into a four year Ayurveda study (which teaches more than 5000 years of oriental natural healing) and became an Ayurvedic practitioner. I used that knowledge to open up my own practice as a naturopath. My preference is to move from a state of awareness and relaxation and to effortlessly (and in a fun way) challenge my balance, coordination, endurance and to build strength. I learned the hard way to listen to my body. I used to exceed my own limits all the time, and based on my willpower I could (even if I didn’t feel that good) train faster and heavier than the time before. Ultimately, it was only a fight against myself that I lost.

What does an average day look like for you?

I wake up on time, drink a few glasses of pure water, meditate, bounce 10 minutes on the bellicon, do a short strength program, and go for a short run on the beach. I will then plunge into the sea or go for a swim (even in winter, a kind of cold/cryotherapy).

When I come back home I’ll go into my infrared sauna, drink plenty of water and breath in extra O2 with the use of an oxygen mask. Then I will dry brush my entire body and cover my body with magnesium oil. After the sauna I jump another 5 minutes on the bellicon and then I take a shower finishing off with cold water.

After that it’s time for more water and my ”cocktail” with various supplements, food and superfoods. After this I always feel relaxed and I’m ready for work. In between work I drink lots of water and green tea. Most of the time I will stand on the bellicon behind an electric standing desk or I sit on a sitting ball. Every hour I will get up and do a 3-5 minute program on the bellicon to get more oxygen into my cells to improve my concentration.

My lunch and dinner are preferably biodynamic and can consist of fruits, vegetables, soups, onions, garlic, proteins, slow carbs, kimchee, kevir, miso, natto, fish, sea vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, hemp seeds, protein shakes, superfoods and supplements.

A few times per week I’ll give group classes on the bellicon and do some strength and cardio training myself, partly on the bellicon. In the evenings I like to do some research on different ways of living and the development of our consciousness. I sleep on average between 6-8 hours.

Have you always been fit?

No. I had the Pfeiffer’s disease and a hernia. Because of this I know what it’s like to have no energy and I know what it’s like to be in pain. Eventually my back pain made me become much more conscious of the way I live. I now try to feel what my body needs.

These days for example I give my body (my digestion) a regular rest by fasting and detoxing once in a while. This allows my body to get rid of possible waste that is stored in the gut and the cells, so once I start eating again the absorption of the nutrients in the gut is improved. I also feel mentally much brighter.

How would you describe your sports routine?

I actually don’t have a sports routine. With everything I do I always ask myself: why I’m doing this and what is the purpose? Strength, condition, balance, coordination, flexibility and relaxation are all training elements that could be part of a workout.

I always train according to how I feel at the moment. “The best routine is no routine” and that is also a routine;)

Inspiratie Remy DraaijerYour son told me that you live for rebounding. Where does such conviction and passion come from?

Jumping on a bellicon makes you cheerful and everything comes together: rhythm, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility and relaxation. And all of this without putting a burden on your back and joints because of the unique elastic bungees.

After a bellicon training, I’m completely relaxed and not acidic. It feels like I put on a washing machine that cleaned both my body and mind.

Compared to other sports (exercises) I always sweat more intense on a bellicon. This is because all your muscles (big muscles, small muscles, postural muscles) are trained simultaneously on the bellicon. These all need to be cooled down, so more fluid is released to cool your body. Therefore, it’s important to drink plenty of pure water during and after a class. A ‘class’ may look something like this.

What or who was (is) the inspiration for your way of moving?

Asian movement forms such as Tai Chi, Qi Kung, Meditation and Yoga inspired me. I started to play and experiment a bit and developed for example some classes inspired by these movements.

What is your favorite quote?

Don’t believe everything. Use your common sense (”gut feeling”) and experiment yourself. Stay open to anything. Nothing is what it seems…

What are your tips for those who want to eat healthier?

  • Use your common sense.
  • Focus on natural foods.
  • Don’t overeat.
  • Eat mindfully.
  • Chew well.
  • Be grateful for the food that you have.
  • Focus more on your metabolism and what is good for you instead of following ”ready made” diets.
  • Get interested in how your body works. Figure it out. You’re solely responsible for what you put in it.
  • Set realistic goals and work your way slowly to it.
  • Make sure your gut and organs are clean, so that your digestive system can absorb the food better (and can also more easily digest and excrete it).
  • Assume that you can eat everything, you choose.
  • Choose food that give you energy instead of depriving you from your energy.

What can we expect from bellicon in the near future?

We created an international bellicon Academy where trainers, therapists and other professionals can participate. However, the Academy is also open to anyone interested who don’t have this background yet. The bellicon Basic training provides the basis to give professional classes.

More and more companies started to get interested in the bellicon Workplace concept. KPN for example already started with this concept. Regular short bouncing on the bellicon (devided over the day) will result in a better focus, more relaxation and more energy which results in less absenteeism disease and a better working environment with a higher productivity.

Soon we will also offer an online bellicon Home platform. So in the comfort of your own home on your bellicon (or any other mini rebounder if you don’t own a bellicon) you can choose an online training program at your own level. But we also offer programs for children with for example learning disabilities, ADHD, and obesity.

Do you have any great book (video) tips for us?

Absolutely! 🙂


  1. Food Matters
  2. Michael Mosley’s ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’
  3. ”I’m not your guru” – Tony Robbins


  1. ”The Power of Your Metabolism” Frank Suarez
  2. ”The fast diet” dr.Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer
  3. ”Zitten is het nieuwe roken” Katja de Bruin
  4. ”Oerslank” Yvonne van Stigt
  5. ”Vrij van gedachten” Jan Geurtz

Are you curious about what my experience with bellicon is? You can read all about it here. I also explain what rebounding really is, what the benefits are, and how I feel after jumping on the bellicon.

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