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Is this the smartest scale ever?

Withings Body Cardio Scale

Normally, I’m not a fan of the scale. Not because I don’t like my weight/body, but because it is not precise and it doesn’t say anything about how fit someone is for example. I normally prefer a tape measure over a scale if you will. A scale will provide you with just a number and this simple number is not taking anything else into consideration such as muscle mass, where the fat in your body is located or fluid retention. Then I was introduced to the Withings Body Cardio scale. Can this scale even replace a visit to a cardiologist? Is this the smartest scale ever?

The Withings Body Cardio is not only a very fashionable high tech scale, it’s also supposed to provide you with a lot of details that will make it easier for you to get healthier (cardiovascular health) or to lose or gain weight. It’s not just an ordinary scale.

The Withings Body Cardio measures:

✔️ highly-accurate weight (incl. the information if you gained or lost a little)

✔️ BMI

✔️ body fat percentage

✔️ water percentage

✔️ muscle mass

✔️ bone mass

The Withings Body Cardio scale also provides you with exclusive metrics and insights on:

✔️ standing heart rate

✔️ your Pulse Wave Velocity, to help assess overall cardiovascular health

But it will also provide you with the weather forecast for each day. I’m not sure yet as to why….Probably as a motivation to step on the scale every morning before you get dressed and decide what to wear.

Withings Body Cardio Scale

How does the Withings Body Cardio scale work?

Well pretty easy. The initial set up will take you less than 5 minutes. Then it will connect with Bluetooth and with the ‘’Health Mate app’’ where all data and progress is recorded. The scale can be used with family members since it supports up to eight different users. The scale can automatically identify who is standing on the scale and sync the information to the appropriate account.

If you are really serious about your health, your cardiovascular health, your weight, or your muscle mass then this scale is worth the money. I put this scale to the test for a few weeks and it is very, very, very precise. I would not recommend to weight yourself almost every day because each and every gram is being picked up. Let me give you two examples to illustrate this:

  • I know that my hair weighs 420 grams … Yup, I was making a measurement when the hubby started to joke that these figures could not be precise, because of my hair. According to him my hair should weigh almost 2 kilos. I remember I thought how funny that would be. Since he was so convinced about the weight of my hair, he lifted my pony tail and ….. Well, it wasn’t 2 kilos, but nevertheless the scale picked it up, 420 grams less.
  • I also noticed it is very easy (and fast) to lose muscle mass. During a very busy period I didn’t even had time to workout once. I missed my bellicon, because this is my favorite way (besides walking) to move. And yes, this also builds muscles. After only 10 days I already lost some muscle mass. Yikes!

It is very precise, so if you panic easily about your weight then this scale is not for you. This is for the serious health freak that know his/her body well.

Withings Body Cardio Scale

What about the cardiovascular function?

The pulse wave velocity (which sounds kind of scary) is supposed to measure the amount of time a wave (of blood), created each time your heart beats, takes to travel through your arteries. The faster the wave, the stiffer your arteries are, and this can indicate an increased risk of health issues. The slower the wave, the healthier your heart is. You’ll need to use the scale five times before it will provide you with your first pulse wave velocity reading though. Pretty amazing, right?

In order for the ”pulse wave velocity” to work you will need to stand still though. Step on the scale, remain absolutely still, and try to remain as quiet as possible for the scale to get a reading. When you don’t manage to do so you will only know whether your pulse wave velocity was read when you get off the scale, wait for it to sync to Withings via Wi-Fi, then check the app on your phone (other readings can be read of the scale on the spot). To get the right reading it is advised that you use the scale at the same time every day, because your pulse wave velocity can change throughout the day based on time elapsed from your last cup of tea or the last time you ate or worked out. So a consistent use is key to getting an accurate reading.

“If we could have just one measurement for cardiovascular health, it would be pulse wave velocity. Alone it tells us more than all the other indicators combined… We are entering a new medical era, because this parameter that was previously restricted to laboratories is now accessible to the general public, who will be able to use such information to improve heart health.” – Dr. Pierre Boutouyrie, Cardiologist, Pharmacologist at Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Paris

My pulse wave velocity readings are pretty good, which is of course a relieve. And I also noticed after a bellicon workout the day before or after a good night of sleep that my readings were even perfect. In theory, that means my arteries are not clogged, which is good to know. However, after a stressful day my readings would be a bit higher. I wonder when your reading are often not optimal if this is a good motivation to change things up? It can also scare you. But some people maybe need this type of motivation. The app will then provide you with personal tips on how to change this such as: lose weight, have less stress, less anxiety, lower your salt intake, and/or alcohol consumption.

The best part about our health always remains the fact that we can change our health and future by changing our habits.

So the bottom line is that this scale is indeed very smart, but it’s not a doctor and it needs to be the kind of motivation you can handle (since it is so precise this might discourage you). When you have heart issues or if you are concerned I would never rely solely on a smart scale, nothing can replace a doctor’s visit (yet). And if your weight is all you want to know, then the Withings Body Cardio scale is a bit too much of a good thing. But if you’re interested in tracking more than just how much you weigh, then this scale does what it promises with minimal fuss.

Withings Body Cardio Scale

The Withings Body Cardio in a nutshell


✔️ Very precise & fast
✔️ Many measurements
✔️ Easy to use
✔️ Incredibly thin
✔️ Sleek stylish look
✔️ Easy to set up & simple to use
✔️ Can be used by multiple people (family)
✔️ Works on any surface such as carpet
✔️ The battery only needs charging once a year
✔️ It synchronizes with my FitBit and many other health/fitness apps


✔️ Pulse Wave Velocity readings could not be picked up and you will only notice later on
✔️ It’s not a cheap scale
✔️ It can be a data overkill for some of us

If you would like to try the Withing Body Cardio scale you can choose two colors, black or white. I would go for the white one because with the black one you are apparently constantly cleaning your footprints 🙂

Would you give this scale a try or do you think a tape measure is more than enough? 🙂



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