Juicing vs. Blending

This smoothie is a perfect example that green smoothies are not only healthy, but also tasty. All you need is a high speed blender, a banana, my epic almond milk and some spinach.

The foamy finish will impress people and the taste even more.

So you might ask yourself then why do we juice if we can blend?
There are many reasons. Blending is perfect. If that is how you can consume large amounts of greens. Perfect. But for most people the fibre will fill them up quickly. However, when we juice the fibre will be taken out (or actually separated) so only pure easy to digest juice is left. Pure vitamins and minerals. No interference of fibres that will fill you up and take energy to digest. Besides that a juice is gone way much faster than a smoothie. So in order to get large amounts of green vegetables, I juice.
For the exact same reason I hardly juice only fruits. Fruits are nice to blend or make ice cream of or just to eat on the go. Also, a juice will be in your bloodstream within minutes. A smoothie needs to digest first and takes much longer. Digestion takes energy from the body while we want to provide our bodies with energy so the body can repair and heal itself. You get the picture, right? I always see my blender as a way to chew for me (predigest).
So when I like to treat myself in this case with some green almond milk, I blend. But I juice every single day of the week…And please don’t be foolish to think by removing the fibre that you will miss out on fibre. You still eat healthy, right? Well there you go.

So in a nutshell:

– Juicing extracts water, vitamins and minerals and leave the indigestible fibres out. So your body (digestive system) will have a break from breaking down the food. In that way large quantities of greens are easy to absorb. It’s like an injection with a needle full of vitamins and minerals at a cellular level. Therefore I don’t recommend to juice only (or in large quantities) fruits.

– When blending you create a ’pre chewed’ meal. Full with fibres, minerals and vitamins. You are actually consuming the entire fruit or vegetable. But that’s not it. In a high speed blender the fibre will be broken apart which makes it easier to digest and will create a slow and even release of nutrients. Smoothies are more filling (because of the fibre) and are easier to create. Perfect when in a rush (aka mornings).

So when you want to ‘eat’ large amounts of greens (with a little bit of fruit for the taste) then juice. When you would like to ‘eat’ normal amounts (or a single amount) of fruits or vegetables then blend. Be aware that a juice should preferably be consumed immediately and a smoothie can last even days in the fridge.

Enjoy this little cocktail of health!

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Spinach Almond Milk

  • Yield: 2


  • Handful of spinach
  • One banana
  • A cup of almond milk


  1. Place in the blender and blend until smooth.

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