Loving Lately #11

My ultimate fall favorites 2020! Fall is my favorite time of the year to share what I’m loving lately.

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Fall is the time we all spent more time inside (especially fall 2020), so it’s the perfect time to make life at home cozy. More cooking, baking, reading and maybe even taking up a new hobby.

I feel so lucky that during this time where we all need to spend more time at home, I still get to do, learn and study what I love: food photography. This year Beata Lubas released her book ‘How to Photograph Food”. I have read many books on this topic, but never before have I studied such a profound book about it as this one. It’s a true encyclopedia for food photographers. Bea has given her all and packed a lot of information for us in this book. Every subject you can think of is covered and she has squeezed every drop of knowledge about food photography in this book. I will come back to this book again and again on my journey as a food photographer. This book is truly a gift, so don’t miss it!

olive again book on kindle holding by hand

More time at home means more reading for me in general. When I’m not reading cookbooks or educational books I enjoy a variety of books. However, this fall I have especially been enjoying the book series ”Olive Kitteridge” and ”Olive Again” by Elizabeth Strout. I have written reviews about it on my Goodreads account and rated both books 5 stars. Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge is beyond beautiful and for a good reason a 2009 Pulitzer winner.

It’s a novel with short stories, but the characters live all in the same town or know Olive (the main character). The short stories all together make up for what life is really like. The writing is simple, yet with such a beautiful complex layer. I have never read a novel with short stories that I felt in my heart, a novel with so much beauty. She uses short stories to show that we humans are connected and always have an impact on the people we meet. If you have (like me) a weak spot for cynical older ladies, then you will love Olive. It’s about life in all its complex forms, mostly the ugly in life as we get older.

If you want to know what I read and also read my reviews, I would love to welcome you on Goodreads.

Since eating out is a thing of the past these days, I try to make certain meals as enjoyable as possible, even if only a few times a week. I reintroduced these waffles for example as a Sunday breakfast. These waffles are of course vegan, but also oil-free, gluten-free and naturally sweetened.

waffles on a plate on a white napkin on a wooden cutting board with a small bowl with syrup
A ritual that I enjoy every day is a warm cup of comfort. One during the day and one before bedtime. This is often a Dandy Blend latte (herbal drink with dandelion) or an herbal infusion, which is not the same as tea! Keep an eye on this site in December if you would like to learn more about it.

Frothed vegan chocolate milk in a mug with a blue edgeCurrently, I’m hooked to this chocolate drink made in my new milk frother. I make a different warming drink every day based on this chocolate version. I can add for example ashwagandha one day, reduce the monkfruit the next day or add a pinch of vanilla the day after. Simply add it to the milk frother, let it spin, let it froth, and enjoy warm. Gosh what a great thing! It’s such a must for me (working from home) to have a good cup of comfort every single day.

Milk frother with a glass of milk with ingredients for vegan hot chocolate mix on a white counter

Another piece of equipment that falls in the category ”how could I ever live without this?’‘ is this chopper. It’s small, super powerful and such a delight if you are used to a heavy food processor. Sometimes I only want to make a small portion or sometimes (read quite often) I’m just too lazy to chop everything by hand after a day of shooting and cooking. This thing cuts everything finely and it’s a delicious way to sneak in a lot of extra nutrients into my meals. Carrot salads, paprika parsley dips, pico de gallo… Highly recommend this one!

This winter I am finally going to learn the art of sourdough bread baking. After lots of baking earlier this year I did not get to make my own starter, but I’m very excited to get started soon. I have made my own sourdough bread before, but not with my own starter. So all tips are welcome! I am looking for a cast iron Dutch oven and have my eyes on this one here.
In case you have missed it I really enjoyed baking earlier this year all sort of cakes and bread. This banana bread and this applesauce bread are my favorite.

Since we are all working (more) from home I noticed the importance of daily rituals and especially the coffee rituals of my husband (I don’t drink coffee). So I started looking for a coffee brand that would align with my values and one that is honest. Wakuli meets those requirements . Their coffee is fresh, preserve the unique flavors from around the world and their farmer friends earn on average 2 to 3 times more than the supermarket brands. You can have a look here and get 50% off your first order with the code: THEGREENCOFFEE

I decided that this fall (and winter) I will pick up an old hobby which is ‘’jewelry’’ making. For the life of me I can’t remember where I stored that box with all the tools though. So I’m going to start from scratch, both in terms of technique and tools. I’m starting with Mandala bracelets. All you need is a good quality cord and YouTube to get the hang of the technique.

If you are interested in more of my favorites you can have a look at my recommended product section.

Finally, staying at home during fall/winter can be overwhelming and for some a source of anxiety. I wish for you that you can make your home as cozy as possible. Put on some relaxing music, clean the house, decorate your house with warming lights, make a nourishing meal, have a comforting cup of tea, read a lot and pick up a new (or old) hobby. This too shall pass and we will get through this.


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