Loving Lately #2

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Lately it has been all about summer! I have been traveling a bit and really felt the summer vibes. Long warm evenings, ice creams, juices, shorts and sandals all day, road trips, summer naps (I only take naps in warm countries) and of course I have a new book recommendation to share with you. Here are the things I have been loving lately #2.

This summer I have been drinking a crazy amount of juices. On top of that the Dutch juice company Sapje send me a package full of their amazing products! These juices are not your average type of juice. Think of ingredients such as aloë vera, black pepper, oils and cabbage… And 80% of their juices are greens and herbs (as it should be). They were incredibly yummy!

sap.je the green creator

sap.je the green creator

Loving this book by Kate Hudson. She is super funny and my favorite at the moment on Snapchat (Kate Hudson). It took me a little while to buy her book, because well let’s be honest…another celebrity that writes a (health) book? But I’m ‘’pretty happy’’ with her book.

She is very down to earth and her book is about how to love your body. I love the way she is gentle with her body and tells us to do the same. There is no such thing as perfection, and we should give our body the time it needs. She also believes food and exercise should be fun, and meditation is key. She shares a lot of other tips in her book and I agree with a lot of what she says. A must read for summer!

loving lately

Rocking this rock every day! Although, as I’m writing this I noticed it broke on the edge. How the heck did that happen? Anyway, I bought it in Warsaw. PS. Is it true you should throw away a gem stone when it is broken/damaged? I also have no clue what kind of stone it is and what the ”healing powers” can be so please let me know if you do.

gem stone - the green creator

I traveled to Switzerland! During that trip I have been using a self-tanner.  The self tanner  is ah-mazing!!! It makes the skin look so good, and more radiant and healthy. It doesn’t clog the pores and the color is very natural.

Loving Lately #2The next trip gave me a little break down. I also stayed a little while on a boat at the Masurian Lakes. This was initially not my plan, but we want to try everything in life, right?

The first night I wanted to check in to an hotel. Having to brush my teeth in the kitchen on a wobbly boat, shower in a public shower, sleep on a hard cold mattress, dealing with temperatures that were dropping really fast at night..…Hhmm not the romantic idea I had of this boat trip. But after the first night I could relax and finally enjoy the trip and the amazing freedom, views, fresh air in the morning, and the long warm evenings on the deck. And I loved it!

Loving Lately #2

Loving Lately #2A few weeks before we left for our boat trip, I stumbled upon this couple on YouTube. They sail around the world and I was just mesmerized by their story and their choice to just leave it all behind and discover the world, which is obviously not always easy. I binged watched their videos for days.

Me and my legs are never really good friends when it’s summer. I shave them more often and they become so dry and itchy! I drink crazy amounts of water already and started using almond oil and coconut oil (these oils tend to stay on my skin instead of getting absorbed). I even tried an ”organic anti itchy’’ cream which had such a funky smell I had to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and shower to get rid of the smell. I totally forgot there is only one solution: shea butter! It works magic and even works as a mild sun protection.

Speaking of legs. I bought this travel shaver with case for my trips and didn’t expect it would be so convenient. The small size is brilliant and the case was much more practical than I thought it would be. If you are traveling and you shave, this is worth the try.

More skin tips…. in the summer I dry brush way more often than in the winter. I know, it’s weird, but somehow I feel more like doing this when the mornings are not so cold and I don’t want to jump in my warm clothes asap. I would highly recommend it for a beautiful glowing skin and much more. This is the brush I’m using.

I rather wear nothing on my face in the summer, but it became a bit dry. I truly loved this tinted day cream by Dr.Hauschka because of the amazing glow and because it made my skin feel hydrated all day long. This is the second summer I have been using it and I keep coming back to it.

Dr.Hauschka tinted day cream The green creator

This Netflix documentary about the work of Tony Robbins made me cry at the end. I’m not a Tony fan and I have never read a book that Tony wrote, but the documentary “I’m not your guru” caught my attention. At the end of the documentary they’re expressing gratitude with hundreds (maybe thousands) of people at the same time from over 70 countries and I knew I had to look for tissues.

When you think about how blessed you are for what you already HAVE and when you stop focusing on what is lacking you notice people change instantly because of the love they feel. What I found very interesting as well are Tony’s healthy habits. He is for example rebounding (I spotted a bellicon!), in the morning and right before he goes on stage. He also likes to jump in ice cold water to fight inflammation.