Loving Lately #5

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It has been way too long since my last ”Loving Lately” post. I was busy with many things such as shaping The Green Creator YouTube channel. I also have been working a lot on a new section here on The Green Creator, and I’m just so excited about it. Soon more! Ok, let’s get started. You can imagine I have a lot to share.

After thinking about it for almost a year I finally did it. I bought an Instant Pot. The first time I tried the Instant Pot was not a very big success. I almost jumped under the kitchen table because I was convinced that it would explode. After one month I can finally say I’m comfortable with using the Instant Pot and I will write a review about it soon.

For a long time I was in a doubt whether the Instant Pot for a vegan foodie such as me would be useful. I can assure you it is. It’s much faster to cook beans, quinoa, brown rice and such. I also love one pot veggie dishes or soups in the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot is also great when you have more people coming over or when you’re not at home and want to eat immediately when arriving home. The Instant Pot keeps your food warm for up to 10 hours.

In the morning I just throw in all the veggies, spices, herbs and such, I switch it on and forget about it. Super convenient! I can recommend the book ”Vegan under Pressure” as it was very helpful when I was trying to figure out how the Instant Pot works.

I almost have all books by Tim Ferriss. I noticed everyone is raving about it and some people are creating entire lifestyles based on his books. However, I never managed to finish any of his books. It just doesn’t work for me. His new book ”Tools of Titans” however is a whole different ball game. Reading this book is like being at a party full with inspirational people and you get to ask them all the questions you like. YAS! There is nothing more inspiring to me than meeting passionate hard working people that have a story to tell.

This book is beyond inspirational. It is divided into sections so you can just read a chapter that you like, so it is not a book you read from cover to cover. Often times I just open up the book somewhere to read one chapter.

The guests range from super celebs (Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) and athletes (icons of powerlifting, gymnastics, surfing, etc.) to YouTube star Casey Neistat and to legendary Special Operations commanders and black-market biochemists. For most of them, it’s the first time they’ve agreed to a two-to-three-hour interview. Tim Ferriss interviewed more than 200 world-class performers for his podcast and you can read the best of it in ”Tools of Titans”.

tools of titans

tools of titans

I first spotted these Nike shoes on Instagram and I was in love. At that time I was travelling so I just dove into the nearest Nike store and asked for these Nike Men Flyknit Racer Running. I know nothing about sneakers and trends, but apparently this pair was in demand since it was sold out everywhere. I managed to find a pair online though. They’re gorgeous, extremely comfortable and very light. I can’t wait to wear them more often when the weather becomes a bit warmer. 


Something else I have been thinking about for a while is an electrical glass water cooker. Why on earth did I wait so long? For years I have been heating my water multiple times a day with a traditional water kettle on the stove. The reason I didn’t want to have an electrical waterkettle was because of the material most electric water kettles are made of. So I finally started my quest for a glass kettle to be sure that there is no plastic and other chemicals leaking into the water such as with plastic kettles is the case. Often you can even smell this after boiling the water in a plastic kettle. Glass kettles are clean and have an odorless result.

I tried out four (!) different ones. I didn’t want to settle down since I knew I would use this a lot. So finally I found two best ones. The Severin kettle and the Ovente water kettle. Especially the Severin kettle is very beautiful and I use it daily.

They have a few basic functions without making things too complicated. With the Severin kettle you can boil your water at different temperatures, this is perfect for  tea lovers since this will allow you to achieve the optimum tea taste (70 °C, 80 °C, 90 °C, 100 °C degrees). Green tea for example is best cooked at 80 °C degrees and black tea at 90 °C. degrees. There is also a keep warm function, and a lid with a basket to make tea while the water boils. And it switches off automaticaly…something so obvious that was not the case with some other kettles I tried. I truly love this kettle, but I have to say I’m a HUGE tea and warm water fan. I almost never drink cold water. Warm water is better for the blood circulation, better for your metabolism, and liver support (cold water stagnates your organs).

water cooker

Since I make more videos on my YouTube channel it was time for a JOBY upgrade. A Joby is a gorillapod or in other words a tripod with flexible legs. I already have this smaller version which is very handy especially when traveling, but it was not always convenient at home. So I bought its bigger brother. This one can handle a bigger camera (up to 6.6 lbs). So far the bigger version is very useful, but I know I will also use the smaller version from time to time. 

If you have missed it, since last year I have been hooked on rebounding. You can read all about it here. However, I have noticed that I’m using my bellicon more and more often as a hard core ”fitness equipment” so it was time to get myself some new and stronger bungees. It’s like having a completely new rebounder. If you are about to get a rebounder yourself and if you are in doubt which bungees to get, drop me an email. I would love to help you out.

I have probably way too many lip balms. I especially love to use lip balms before I go to bed, but somehow the toxic free/all natural lip balms never seemed to do what they promised. And plain coconut oil is on my pillow before I even close my eyes. This Dr. Bronner lip balm however….just wow! It is extremely good and made with organic fair trade oils such as avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, hemp seed oil, and peppermint oil. I seriously wake up every morning with lips as soft as silk. Best. Lip. Balm. Ever. I have not tried all the lip balms by dr. Bronnet yet, but I guess they all most be this good. How could I have missed this all this time?

dr. bronner's lip balm

A YouTube channel that I’m loving lately is on a topic that I love as a health coach. Because becoming (more) healthy revolves more than just what’s on your plate. Our eating habits and body image comes with a past, emotions, beliefs, insecurities and such. That’s why I like StyleLikeU so much. StyleLikeU is all about creative women opening up. Literally. While answering the most personal questions, they take off their clothes (leaving on their underwear).

The transformation, the relieve, the emotions, the honesty…I get goosebumps just thinking about it. They talk about topics as body imagine, motherhood, insecurities, family, weight loss…anything we as women can relate to. Here is the link one more time.

What I also enjoyed last month were the vegan pizzas in Amsterdam at Mastino. Oh. my. goodness. If you are in Amsterdam and you are a vegan foodie, you should go there. And if you don’t live in Amsterdam, this is worth a city trip. Even better, they are opening very soon a gluten-free vegan pizzeria in Amsterdam (Bilderdijkstraat). Yes, that’s right …. Gluten-free. Vegan. Pizza.

Loving Lately #5



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