Loving Lately #7

And just like that it's November. It's about time for a roundup of my most recent favorites. Recently I have noticed that more and more of these favorites are actually not temporary (monthly) favorites, but rather long term favorites. I guess that's just a good thing, right?

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I believe knowledge is power so I surround myself with many books. However, it seems I’m not able to keep up with my ever growing pile of books that I need to read. I guess I have developed a serious case of tsundoku. I have heard of Audible before, but always thought I’m just too old fashioned and need a physical book to fully understand/read/follow a book. I have been listening to podcasts for the longest time though…. The next step was actually quite easy. So I gave Audible a try and I LOVE it. I can multitask and go through books so fast! Cleaning up, cooking, driving, walking, doing groceries… All routine tasks, but also precious moments that became such valuable moments because I can listen to all the books that are on my ”to read list”. It takes me about one week to go through a 7 hour book (whoop!).

If you think Audible might be something for you, but you’re not sure I can highly recommend trying their free trial. Via this link you can sign up for a one month free trial. This also really means one FREE audio book. Also, if you don’t like the book you picked to try, you can freely swap it withtin the trial period. No questions asked. If you don’t like Audible after trying it out you can of course cancel it, but Audible will let you keep the book. 

The first book I listened to while being on a roadtrip was ”Essentialism”. It took me one roadtrip to finish this amazing book about prioritizing your life. What is really important? This book explains how we can manoeuvre our way through a jungle where everything seems to be important. It’s about living your life and doing/giving attention to what is important in a world where everything is ”urgent”. It’s about getting only the most important things done and saying ”no” more often in order to get more done.

When I went to New York I had to step into the cute little store of Catbird in Brooklyn. As you may already know, I love jewelry. The last time I bought a super cute delicate necklace and earrings that I almost wear everyday. This time however I went back for their shopping /grocery bag.… Yes, I’m a foodie at heart. The text, the illustrations…there is something about this shopping tote that I like.

Speaking of bags and cute items. Don’t you think that lunch boxes can often look quite boring? I was so happy to find these amazing stackable (!) lunch boxes at Boho-Tiffin. I think it’s a brilliant idea to match fashion and food. You can imagine taking this with you when on the go or eating in the office: compliments guaranteed. Plus, you can take multiple containers with you without taking all these separate lunch boxes with you. Just stack and click them together. There are different sizes and prints (also a super cute collection for little girls). All boxes are stainless steel and come with a keychain and netbag. You can choose your own matching colors for this.

My next favorite is a typcal example of a favorite that is actually more of a life time favorite. I’m talking essentails oils in my beauty routine. I was one of those people who always thought that the first hurdle to start with essential oils (which oils? /how to use? /which brand?) was just too much to start. This book helped me a lot on my essential oil journey. If you want a separate video or article about this, just let me know.

Today I’m talking about a recent beauty essential oil brand that I’ve discovered and that I’m enjoying a lot. My standard basic essential oil collection is all about Young Living. I encourage you to do your own research about which oil brand sells the real and pure oils, but I kept coming back to Young Living. Soon I will be posting my favorite beauty products that I like to make with the oils of Young Living. However, recently I also have been using these amazing beauty blends by UMA oils. UMA oils stands for natural ayurvedic beauty + wellness oils backed by 5 generations of expertise. Everything is just perfect about this brand. For example UMA oils harvest each plant no more than two times before re-planting it to ensure the purity and therapeutic benefit of their oils. They passed down their expertise of handcrafting essential oil blends in the Ayurvedic tradition over many generations. Their secret formulas have been used by royals, princesses and queens and their oil formulas are still made the same way today.

I loved the Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil with rose, sandalwood, frankincense, grapefruit, moringa, and grapeseed. But I also loved the Absolute Anti Aging face oil with frankincense as a first ingredient since this oil is a true anti aging essential oil. I also loved the  the Absolute Anti Aging Eye oil (including rose, lavender, frankincense and sandalwood). If you are complety new to essential oils or UMA oils, I think starting with the Discovery Kit might be a good idea. Or the starter kit by Young Living that comes with an oil diffuser.

My last favorite is also definitely so much more than just a monthly favorite. I finally got myself a jar of coconut butter. Recently, this is quite a popular way to use a coconut product without having to use coconut oil. And of course is the use of a whole coconut (blended) instead of just the oil more of a whole food. I was pretty excited to try this out. I didn’t expected it to be so versatile. Think of how you would use any nut butter such as almond butter, but then more versatile. I also make for example chocolate with coconut butter instead of coconut oil. I even cook with it instead of oil. I think this is a nice brand, but there are many brands out there. Just look for a brand with just one ingredient: whole (organic) coconuts.

I hope these tips were helpful to you. Do you have any tips or recent favorites? Share them with me! Products, hotspots, apps, books, recipes, podcasts, travel destinations…anything. Let me know on Facebook, Instagram or in the comment section below and I will definitely check it out!

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