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My experience with DISQ

Last year, I came across an online DISQ training and it immediately caught my eye. DISQ is a mobile gym, which allows you to train with resistance. The resistance can easily be adjusted to train as heavy or as light, as you wish. Moreover, with the DISQ you can train anytime, anywhere. That is kind of perfect for me with my wanderlust. Keep on reading if you are curious about my experience with DISQ.

I love to move, but why does that have to be in a gym? I also like to try out many different things, since I only do a workout when I really enjoy it. I’m, for example, still absolutely obsessed with my bellicon. And recently I have been working out with DISQ. You can follow a DISQ training everywhere, with the resistance you need to challenge yourself. Strength training without a gym? I’m in!

What is DISQ?

DISQ seems to be quite popular for a while already. Many dancers and performers use the DISQ in their training routines. Wendy van Dijk (Dutch tv presenter) boosted the popularity in the Netherlands with her workout videos, and many others have now started working out with DISQ. Usher trains with it and also Madonna’s background dancers use the DISQ to become stronger and leaner. Okay, lots of name throwing. But what is it?

DISQ was invented by Robbert Boekema (Dutch skater) who came up with the DISQ during a travel where he wanted to continue to follow the same training sessions with his team, regardless the location. With the DISQ they could follow full training sessions, wherever and whenever they wanted. With the DISQ you can train your muscles with the help of two cords and a constant resistance. Despite the strength of the cords you can still move freely and do almost all exercises, but then with resistance. The DISQ can therefore be used for various types of training sessions. You can train anytime and anywhere, because the DISQ is (compared  to a whole set of weights) small, compact and lightweight.

How does DISQ work?

DISQ is a mobile fitness device and it consists of a hip belt and two single ankle straps. By rotating the buttons on the belt (forward or backward) you can set your  own resistance, before or during a workout. You are wearing a hip belt with a button/DISQ on each side that serves as a resistance device. You then twist the cord, that comes out of the buttons on the hip, around a flexible (rubber) button that is attached to the ankle straps. The cords will give that resistance with every move you make.

A DISQ training is a training with constant resistance while you still have the freedom to continue doing all exercises, such as cardio, interval training and strength.

What type of training is a DISQ training?

DISQ is a device that makes all your movements more effective, controlled and efficient. In principle, you can do all exercises with DISQ (I really enjoy using it on my bellicon).

The great thing about DISQ is that all your exercises (even bouncing in place with your hands in front of your face) are performed with a constant and adjustable resistance. As a result, the trainings are shorter with better results. The exercises are not specific for this device, since the DISQ is made to move freely however you want.

The DISQ is also referred to as a mobile gym, since you can do full strength trainings without a gym or any other equipment. With a DISQ training you are more likely to perform the movements in a controlled manner. An injury is of course always possible, but because the movements are controlled by the cords I feel like I’m more in control.

My experience with DISQ

In theory this all sounds great, but what is my experience with DISQ? If you start with DISQ, you will first be invited to join a 21-day challenge. If you sign up for the 21-day challenge you also sign up for a sports subscription for 6 months. The next day, the DISQ will be deliverd directly at your home. I didn’t immediately start the challenge. Things like: no time, don’t feel like starting….All excuses. So after the challenge I started with the daily 10 minute workouts. These start automatically after the challenge. The challenge is nice to join if you want to see how much progress you have made in the first 3 weeks, since you can submit your measurements online and do an online fit test.

After the challenge you will receive every day at 6.00 am a 10 minute workout in your mailbox. Only 10 minutes? Yes, but don’t forget to move those buttons to set your resistance. With the right resistance you’ll be sweating a lot!

So don’t forget to set your resistance if the workout doesn’t challange you enough. I promise you’ll sweat. What I noticed was that the well-known muscle pain after a good strength training was very pleasant. I also noticed that I could train with more resisitance after only 2 weeks. The progress was a great motivation for me to continue every day with a 10 minute DISQ workout. It goes by so quickly! Before I can complain, the training is done.

I now also use DISQ quite often on my bellicon. Even when I’m not in the mood for a workout, I just put on the belt to jump for a while and do some exercises, such as jumping jacks.

One of you asked whether this is not the same as a training with resistance bands. Resistance bands are absolutely a great way to train your muscles! But at the monent I prefer the convenience of DISQ (cords). Resistance bands need to be of a good quality in order not to snap. In addition, you can’t do all exercises with resistance bands. You also can’t use multiple bands at the same time for a constant resistance. And lastly, there are not so many different resistance options as with DISQ.

A few questions answered by a DISQ trainer

You can easily reach out to trainers and ask questions such as:

What is the resistance measured in weights with the various resistance options on the belt? The cords seem thin, but they provide a lot of resistance.

”The resistance can be increased to 20 kilos per side. The cords are high quality (no elastic) that are made to withstand that resistance. However, we don’t refer to it in terms of kilos, but we do try to encourage every one to challenge themselves and rotate the buttons.”

What is the advice? A 10 minute workout every day or 20 minutes every other day?

”This depends on the goal of the participant and what suits best. Many participants train 10 minutes a day, but there are also quite a few who skip a day and then follow a double training.”

Who can DISQ?

If you want to do more strength training (alternating with cardio), don’t want to spend a lot of money on the gym or equipment and would like to train from home (or any where), then this is great for you. You can really do a training where ever you like.This is important to me since I prefer to train consistently. If you train consistently, every program will work. DISQ makes it very easy to train regularly. Even when you’re traveling or busy. But also, if you like short and effective workouts (who doesn’t?), the DISQ is great.

DISQ is also great if you need motivation. The training sessions are fun! Every day you will receive a different training in your mailbox. The workouts are presented casually. No aggressive motivational techniques (I am allergic to that), but fun jokes and clear instructions. The 10 minutes are over in no time! And yes, they train everywhere. Every day it’s a surprise where the training was filmed. On a mountain. In the sea. In a park. In a church. In the middle of a busy city centre.

Will I continue to use DISQ?

At the end of your subscription you have two options: continue with the DISQ trainings yourself, or extend your subscription and keep following the videos. I’m not sure if I still need all the videos when my subscription ends, since I have learned quite a lot and by now can create some nice workout variations myself. But one thing is certain, I will continue to use the DISQ. I even sold some fitness equipment, since DISQ replaces this and I value the extra space. I also love that I can take DISQ with me when I travel.

DISQ is an extra addition to my routine, because it takes so little time to follow. The trainings are nice and varied, so I don’t have to think about that. Every day the focus is on a different muscle group or on the whole body. You’ll soon notice that you are making progress. What is also nice is that everyone can use DISQ: male, female, young, old, beginners or advanced.

And yes, doing regular strength training will not be without any results and that is no different with DISQ. For me, a 10 minute workout every day works fine at the moment. I don’t have to completely adjust my current routine, because I can easily combine it with other things that I enjoy doing.

The workouts are making me better and stronger in everything I do. I also feel energetic and fit. I didn’t weigh myself nor did I take any measurements, because for me it’s more important how I feel. I want to feel strong, keep my muscles and bones healthy and I want to be able to keep doing this every day. Consistency is important and that is only possible if a workout is fun and realistic.

Would you like to know more about DISQ? Take a look at their website for more information. How do you train your muscles? And how do you keep up with this while you are traveling, or when you are not such a fan of the gym like me? Let me know on Instagram or in the comments below. I’m super curious!

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This article was written in collaboration with DISQ. All text, photos and opinions are 100% mine.

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