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My experience with the Lady-Comp after 1 year (non-hormonal birth control)


When I was around 17 years old my GP advised me to start with birth control because I was having some pimples. He told me the pill was the way to go and that it was better to start now. I have been on the pill for more than 10 years. Luckily, I have also been off the pill for a very long time now. I’ve tried different natural ways over the years, but have been using the Lady-Comp for some time now. It’s about time I share my experience with the Lady-Comp after using it for more than 1 year.

Once I found the right pill (after trying 4 different ones), I never had any “issues” while using the pill. My body became used to the hormones and my skin seemed to clear up. And although there are some positive effects of using the pill, I was actually reading more and more about the disadvantages. At that time, my body responded best to the ”new generation” pill, but this pill (the Yasmin) was a bit too often in the media and not for the good reasons. I will not discuss the disadvantages of the pill in this article, but to me it all came down to the fact that birth control pills are in my opinion not a natural contraceptive.

”On a holiday? Keep taking the pill the entire month. Any menstrual issues? Keep on taking the pill”. These statements (also coming from my GP at that time) just didn’t sound natural to me. Something so natural for a healthy woman, shouldn’t be regulated with hormones, right? I also don’t believe that the pill in general had a good influence on my body.

Going off birth control wasn’t fun either…

I didn’t expect to suffer from hormonal issues when I stopped the pill. I suffered for example from extreme nausea in the first week, as well as some hormonal issues later on. I felt that the pill mimicked my cycle and my body had to find her way to get back in balance. My natural cycle is so important because this is the sign of my body that everything is going well. I have been off the pill for many years now (I think about 7 years), but I kept looking for a natural non-hormonal way to prevent pregnancy.

The alternatives

Fortunately, non-hormonal birth control alternatives are an option, such as the condom and a copper spiral. Two years ago, however, I began to study more about non-hormonal birth control alternatives and I always ended up with the Lady-Comp. I’ve also used an app on my phone for a long time, but I could only do that because my cycle was/is super regular.

What is the Lady-Comp?

If you read what the Lady-Comp does, it’s actually very logical. But how reliable is it? The Lady-Comp is a contraceptive computer that measures your cycle. You’re supposed to do this every morning by measuring your temperature with a little sensor that is attached to the Lady-Comp. By daily measuring your temperature, the Lady-Comp knows whether or not you are fertile. This is immediately indicated on the Lady-Comp with a reliability of 99.3%.


Each woman has her own menstrual cycle. During a cycle, you’re fertile for about 6-7 days. In your cycle, you have a different temperature on your fertile days compared to your infertile days. The fertile days will be red colored. In many hormonal contraceptives you must take hormones/ the pill throughout the entire month (even when you’re infertile). Doesn’t really make a lot of sense, right? The Lady-Comp is a natural, hormone-free contraceptive method. The Lady-Comp has been sold for over 25 years and is used worldwide in 30 countries.


How does the Lady-Comp work?

Immediately after waking up (without getting up) you’ll need to measure your temperature (under your tongue) using the thermometer sensor of your Lady-Comp. After about 60 seconds your temperature will appear on the screen. Based on this, the Lady-Comp will know your cycle. At the beginning, the computer might not be so accurate, so the Lady-Comp will show a yellow light. This means that you will need to use a condom that day or take a day off 😉 But after a while, a green light (infertile day) or a red light (fertile day) is becoming more and more common. I rarely (maybe once a year) have a yellow light popping up now.


The Lady-Comp got to know my cycle quite soon, but I have to add a note. As I wrote earlier, I stopped the pill a long time ago and my cycle is very regular. For a long time, I’ve also used an app on my phone where I kept track of my cycle and it also indicated when I was fertile (this app has disappeared from the app store and after my last iPhone update, I can not use it anymore). As a ”test” I’ve used this app at that time while also using the Lady-Comp. These two methods gave quite the same results, with the only difference that the Lady-Comp is more cautious. The Lady-Comp thus gives more red days than the app I was using. I trust the Lady-Comp more than the app, because an app doesn’t know my temperature and therefore can’t anticipate any changes that might occur in my cycle.

The pros
  • cheaper in the long run
  • 100% natural and free of hormones
  • 99.3% reliable
  • painless
  • no side effects
The cons
  • You must keep track of it every day. I personally don’t think this is a disadvantage, because you also must think of the pill every day. However, it’s important for the Lady-Comp to measure your temperature at the same time every day, which may be a disadvantage for some of us.
  • You can’t get up from your bed one hour before measuring your temperature in the morning and you should have slept 5 hours. I can imagine that this can be an issue if you have a weak bladder, if you are breastfeeding, have irregular working hours and so on.
  • The Lady-Comp is so safe that (in my case) it will show a red light for 10 days and then we also have our monthly period (these days are green) …. You do the math;)
  • You need a backup (like a condom) for the red or yellow days.

Please note that the Lady-Comp does not protect against STDs like a condom does…

My experience with the Lady-Comp after more than 1 year

In the beginning I needed to get used to it, but after more than a year I’m grabbing my Lady-Comp every morning at the same time in the dark without even having to think about it. All while being half asleep and I have not missed a day. It has become a habit. I do find it important that I first measure my temperature before I walk to the toilet and I assume that I sleep every night for 5 hours (unless it was really a weird night). If I travel with a time difference, I change the time (per my destination) on my Lady-Comp as soon as I leave the house. I never got a yellow light because I was traveling. All in all, I’m very happy with this way of keeping track of my cycle. It is and feels natural and after a few months it already became a habit.

What is your experience with natural contraceptions?

This article is not sponsored and I am not a doctor. I only share my own experience. I encourage you to do your own research. If I have mentioned something wrong or if you have a question, I would like to know!

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