My favorite healthy swaps

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods.nOver the years I have been amazed by how easy and delicious it is to swap your favorite foods for a healthier version. Today I’m sharing my favorite healthy swaps.

These are my absolute favorites

Sugar/sweetener     ——> Dates (syrup) or maple syrup
Milk chocolate      ——> 70-85% chocolate or make your own
Sunflower oil      ——> Coconut oil
Soda ——> Water with fresh lemon or lime or iced tea
Wheat pasta      ——> Brown rice pasta, soba noodles or zucchini pasta
Potato chips      ——> Kale chips, or sweet potatoe chips/wedges
Cows milk    ——> Almond milk (the easy version)
Table salt ——> Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
Chai latte   ——> Chai tea with extra spices
Hot chocolate      ——> Hot cacao with almond milk
Fudge ——> Fresh date filled with almond butter
Cake ——> Banana bread
Store bought jam ——> Home made chia jam
Buttery mashed potatoes ——> Mashed cauliflower
Cheese ——> Nutritional yeast


What is your healthy swap that made your life a lot healthier? For me those were dates, I was quite a sugar addict so I owe dates a lot!


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