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The new superfoods of 2015


If you are new to superfoods, this might be a bit too much for you and I would recommend you to read this article instead. However, for those who are daily loading up on the hemp seeds, spirulina, maca, coconut oil, green powders and goji berries keep on reading.

Because for us health warriors the world of wellness is rapidly opening up. A new bounty of supercharged natural ingredients is slowly becoming more popular. So if you want to be ahead of the curve, these are the new superfoods for 2015.

Why are superfoods so popular?

Looking good is one thing, but nowadays what we really want is to feel good. And the kind of nutritional support that was once the domain of alternative health nerds now has its place in everyday life. The life we’re living today is so stressful and there is so much to keep up and to work on, that we are pushed naturally into the area of the superfoods/healthy lifestyle. We feel this is the easy way to get tons of health benefits without having to think about complicated meals. That said, fresh is always best. I can’t emphasize enough, there’s not shortcut to eating healthy. And with dried superfoods you will always miss out on important enzymes that can only be found in fresh raw fruits and vegetables. And you don’t need superfoods to be(come) healthy. However, for a lot of people superfoods give the extra kick of energy that they were lacking and couldn’t find in just eating healthy. The motives may vary from person to person. Nourishing our bodies in order to feel good and perform better (calm mind, balanced hormones, reduced stress, more energy, better sleep and so on) manifest themselves also externally (glowing skin, amazing hair, balanced body weight, clear eyes).

With that in mind, here is my list of new favorite superfood for 2015.

Ho Shou Wu

Ho Shou Wu

 Ho Shou Wu (pronounced huh show woo & HO shoo wu), also known as “Fo-ti” (FO tee) is one of the most amazing herbs. This is a tonic herb prepared from the tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum, a plant that grows in the mountains of central and southern China.

Why a superfood?
Ho Shou Wu has a lot of health benefits, here are a few. Enhances youthfulness, raise reproductive function (libido / sperm count), fight infections, boost moods (to an exciting state), battle cancer,  stimulates and balances hormones; improves adrenal gland function; nourishes skin, hair, and internal organs,  protect the heart, lower cholesterol and lowers inflammation.

The most impressive thing is that it’s fortifying and empowering to the kidneys, which have a lot to do with hair growth and luster. I have heard stories of women that after giving birth had such severe hair problems to the point they needed to cut it off. And for a lot of women, three or four years later, the hair is still thin and/or hasn’t grown back. Adding in Ho Shou Wu helped a lot of women to let their hair grow (rapidly) and the hair became also thicker.




 Cordyceps is an adaptogenic mushroom used in Chinese medicine.

Why a superfood?
It supports the kidneys, adrenals, and immune system. It also increases cellular oxygen absorption which is making it a powerful tonic for strength, stamina, energy, and lung and brain function.

When you feel drained and you every morning is a struggle to get out of bed, cordyceps my be helpful to rebalance. It is very powerful in nourishing the adrenals and helping to give some  really stable energy. Cordyceps is so powerful that some decades ago, the Chinese Olympic team were dosing themselves on it. It’s good for anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue or fatigue in general. You can take cordyceps every day safety, by for example adding it onto your smoothie.  


Pau d’Arco

Pau d'Arco

 Pau d’Arco is an extract from the inner bark of the Tabebuia tree that grows in the Central and South American rain forests.

Why a superfood?
Pau d’Arco was traditionally used to treat a broad range of disorders such as pain, infections, inflammation, and some types of cancer. But there is more to this superfood, it´s also a liver tonic, blood purifier, and an immune booster with antimicrobial properties. It appears to be able to kill some bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi.

Pau d’arco is actually promoted as a cure for dozens of illnesses and medical conditions, including arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, and cancer.

Some therapists include Pau d’Arco in their herbal recommendations for women with endometriosis, women with systemic Candida infections and also for women with fertility problems. Many women with endometriosis have sluggish liver function, so its liver-toning functions make it helpful when combined with its anti-inflammatory properties. This superfood is also recommendable to take short-term in cold and flu season as an immunity booster or as part of an anti-Candida protocol under the guidance of an herbalist. It’s best taken in tea form. It can be used topically to treat fungal infections of the skin.



Mucuna is derived from a bean native to the tropics, mucuna pruriens is a bioavailable source of L-dopa which is an amino acid that becomes the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain.

Why a superfood?
Mucuna elevates mood, libido and creativity. It will also regulate sleep patterns and soothes the nervous system.

This superfood is best to take when you feel low in energy or when you start being a bit more pessimistic. Instead of doing some relaxation exercises (no time or place to do so) try adding a little spoonful of mucuna in your smoothie/nutmilk will do wonders (will get you within 20 minutes in an altered state) . Make sure to get the raw organic source of mucuna , because most mucuna you’ll find is roasted.

 photo source: pinterest

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