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Why juicing is good for you

Green juices are a way to nourish your body instantly. Juices will benefit any lifestyle. Meat-eater, veganist, raw foodist, busy, healthy or sick. We all can benefit from juices.

Think about it. You are consumes enormous amounts of vegetables and/or fruits in just one glass. I could never eat the amounts of vegetables I put in my juicer daily. Almost all raw eaters juice daily for the same reason. And some vegetables I don’t even like eating, but I do enjoy drinking them. With one glass of juice you are providing your body with tons of vitamins, minerals, high levels of antioxidants and enzymes. Since the juicer will extract the fibres out of the fruits and vegetables, the juice will be super easy for your body to digest. It’s comparable to an injection of vitamins that will enter your bloodstream in less than 25 minutes (!). The result? The juices will increase your energy levels, improve your skin condition, boosts the immune system and will help to detoxify the body.

Toxins? Yes, we all have them. Poor food choices, polluted air and even stress are just a couple of examples of how the body can build up on toxins over the years. Green juices contain high amounts of chlorophyll which is effective in helping the body to detoxify. It will detox the liver, will help rebuild our blood cells, remove parasites and can help prevent and remove cancer cells (the Gerson therapy is based on this principle).

Pure vegetables juices are also extremely alkaline to our bodies. Since all diseases are the common cause of an over-acidic body, it is highly beneficial to ensure that your body does not become over acidic. An alkaline body is a healthy body and can resist and fight diseases.

If you would make time to only drink one glass of juice a day your body will thank you soon. Your skin will clear up, your nails will grow stronger and your hair will grow thicker and stronger with decreased thinness, dryness, greyness and dandruff. Your energy level will go up, fewer allergies will bother you and your eyes will become white. Also, your food choices will probably become more healthier. Since you are nourishing your body (instead of overfeeding it), your body will be less hungry and will endure less (bad) cravings. A green juice in the morning will kick-start the metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels which will reduce (sugar) cravings.

Should it be all organic?

Well, it’s better to juice non-organic fruits and vegetables than to juice nothing at all. And it’s better to use organics produce than to juice non-organic produce. I always try to use organically grown vegetables since these contain no pesticides and other chemical residues. But fruits and vegetables that are less sensitive to chemicals, such as bananas I buy non-organic. If you are not using organically grown vegetables/fruits make sure to  always remove the peel of the vegetables/fruits.

Vegetable juices should not be too high in sugar, so around 70% vegetables and 30% fruit. I always use cucumber, celery,  lemon and ginger. Every day. From there I will add whatever I feel like juicing.

Whatever you do, just juice! There are really no excuses for no green juices!!!

Click here of you would like to know the difference between juicing and blending.

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