Product I Love | Nut Milk Bag

Some weeks ago I received a nut milk bag from Raw Food Vena,  a Dutch webshop revolving around raw food and super foods. They offer various products, but also organize workshops. Besides the fact that they offer a wide range of products, they find it very important to have contact with their customers. Something which I noticed. The moment I asked a question via email I received a reponse back within a couple of hours. For those living in the Netherlands this webshop is worth paying a visit.

On to the nut milk bag. I always believed a cheese cloth and a strainer would do the same job, but after I made my almond milk with this nut milk bag I had to adjust my opinion. I find this bag not only good when it comes to the straining itself, but also very practical size-wise. It’s easy to use and to put over a measurement cup. And when things get easy, I want to make it more often. Bye bye to the cheese cloth and strainer.


This product was sent to me for a review

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