two tall glasses with banana bread milk on a white backdrop with a white napkin and a small light blue plate with a few slices of banana

Banana Bread Milk

  Those first few lines might raise a few questions. What is an Almond Cow and what is banana bread

Sweet Potato Boats on white plate with fork

Sweet Potato Breakfast Boats

  You may have heard of sweet potato toasts. It’s a simple and easy recipe to make ”toasts” with various

How to make the best Açaí Bowl

How to make the best Açaí Bowl

The açaí bowl is probably one of the biggest food trends. It’s basically a beautiful smoothie made with frozen berries

Lemon Basil Smoothie

Fresh Lemon Basil Smoothie

Sometimes I’m asked how I eat healthy vegan food when I’m traveling. Well, there are two things I always do.

Raspberry Almond Vanilla Shake

Raspberry Almond Vanilla Shake

How can a healthy plant based life style be boring when you can have such a colorful shake for breakfast?

Christmas Smoothie

During the holiday season it can be difficult to refuse all the sugary foods and drinks. However, breakfast is probably

Juicing vs. Blending

This smoothie is a perfect example that green smoothies are not only healthy, but also tasty. All you need is