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The Best Books I Read in 2021

Hello friends! How was 2021 in terms of reading? In this post, I’m sharing my best books of 2021 with

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Loving Lately #10

I normally stay away from spirulina, often referred to as blue-green algae. There are a lot of great health claims

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Loving Lately #8 – August Books

Although in general I tend to pick up books on topics such as self-improvement, diet, health, cookbooks, lifestyle and business

Favorites October 2017

Loving Lately #7

I believe knowledge is power so I surround myself with many books. However, it seems I’m not able to keep

Loving Lately #4

Loving Lately #4

Can you believe it will be December in just a few weeks? When December is approaching I feel the need

Loving Lately #3

Loving Lately #3

Declaring myself a health nerd with this Zara key ring. I mean veggies and gratefulness on a key ring? Yes