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  • How to solve hair loss
    +Articles Beauty

    How to solve hair loss

    Probably the nightmare of everyone is to wake up one day and realize you are losing hair. You’re not alone. I receive many questions on this topic. Often there is no…

  • red cabbage sushi rolls
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Where to find iodine?

    In the last couple of days I received quite a few worried e-mails with the question where I get my iodine from. Is it because of the Dutch television programme of Editie…

  • +Articles Lifestyle

    Where to Find Calcium

    So many people are concerned not to have enough calcium in their diets when they decide to start eating a more plant-based diet. So often I have heard people told me…

  • +Articles Lifestyle

    Why juicing is good for you

    Green juices are a way to nourish your body instantly. Juices will benefit any lifestyle. Meat-eater, veganist, raw foodist, busy, healthy or sick. We all can benefit from juices. Think about…

  • +Recipes Smoothies, Juices & Drinks

    Red fuel

    Imagine you have an expensive car. A nice one. Or expensive shoes. Both men and woman should visualize, right? And this car will need fuel or the shoes will need some…