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  • Loving Lately #4
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #4

    Can you believe it will be December in just a few weeks? When December is approaching I feel the need to read (even) more books. Especially books that will bring out…

  • Loving Lately #3
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #3

    Declaring myself a health nerd with this Zara key ring. I mean veggies and gratefulness on a key ring? Yes please! Listening to this song. I have a weakness for violins and…

  • Loving Lately
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Loving Lately #1

    How well do you know me? Who is The Green Creator? What do I like, what do I drink, what did I do the last few weeks? So here is the…

  • Hoe word je 100?
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Bookreview: how to live to 100?

    You might know by now, I’m quite interested in the elderly among us. Especially the healthy ones. Old and healthy, who says no to that? Quite often becoming old is associated…