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    The jade roller

    A while ago I asked on social media if you know what this little tool is. For most of you (as it did for me before I knew what it was)…

  • skin care
    +Articles Beauty

    My skincare routine

    Looking back at the beauty products I was using when I was much younger I remember there was always something new to try. Always something that would give me the ultimate…

  • dry brushing
    +Articles Beauty Lifestyle

    Dry Brushing

    Dry what? Brushing your skin? Sounds like pure torture. The first time I saw this on television it reminded me of the old men that used to rub their skin with…

  • lemonwater
    +Articles Lifestyle

    Lemon Water in the Morning

    Oh, how I adore lemons! The first step for me towards a more healthy body was lemon water in the morning. Unless you have an allergy for lemons there’s no reason for…