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  • +Articles Lifestyle

    Product I Love | Nut Milk Bag

    Some weeks ago I received a nut milk bag from Raw Food Vena,  a Dutch webshop revolving around raw food and super foods. They offer various products, but also organize workshops.…

  • dry brushing
    +Articles Beauty Lifestyle

    Dry Brushing

    Dry what? Brushing your skin? Sounds like pure torture. The first time I saw this on television it reminded me of the old men that used to rub their skin with…

  • +Recipes Snacks & Sweet

    Pistachio Ice Cream

    Making a sweet dish out of avocados? The idea never appealed to me. Frozen avocado? Ieuw! Avocado to make a chocolate mousse? No, thank you. However, knowing how great avocado works…

  • +Recipes Lunch & Main Dish

    Bean meets green

    For a lot of vegans beans are a gift. It’s nutritious, easy to prepare, versatile and tasty. Chickpeas are my favorite. Mashed, in a salad or in this case combined with…