The Best of 2015

It is the last day of 2015. This year went by so fast! Personally a lot of good stuff has happened, but also The Green Creator was growing fast in 2015, which I’m very grateful for. So what were you reading in 2015? What were the most exiting articles and most delicious recipes? Today I will share the best of 2015 on The Green Creator with you.

 Favorite Recipes

Of course we start with something sweet, and fortunately it is also a simple recipe, my Lime Fudge. So delicious! You guys loved it!

Lime fudgeAnd if you don’t like limes or nuts, you will love the next one! Indulge chocolate lovers! The Best Sweet Potato Brownies

sweet potato brownies

Now on to something more green. I love this superfood carrot juice, but an older recipe that I still make quite often is my parsley power smoothie. Oh, and this sugar free iced tea (that I adjusted to also enjoy during the colder months) is still a winner as well!

Iced Nettle Tea When it comes to supper, there is one that you guys love!! And although I love to put a lot of time in making pretty pictures, this recipe shows that a pretty picture is not all. The picture is not the best, but oh my how you guys love this! And I can’t disagree. I created this one on a day I was in a rush and didn’t have any groceries at home. I’m talking about my Quick Sweet Potato Crumble.

This recipe has also been a winner on many occasions.

Also, I share a lot of articles with you about health on The Green Creator. One article is (and was) very popular. I think it is important we should all know this about oatmeal, because it is such a beautiful product to work with in a healthy kitchen.

Last but not least, this article should be a favorite!

There are so many more favorites! What is/are your favorite articles/recipes? I would love to read it in the comments!

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